Capital Books Pvt. Ltd. Educating the World


Capital Books was set up in 1989 as it was felt there was an opportunity to sell high academic books in a more organized and professional manner. Creditable booksellers were appointed to co-ordinate the specific requirements of the end users based on the principle that books were to be selected on what was required and not merely on what to choose from. With branches in Kolkata and Bangalore and representatives in Chennai, Pune and Guwahati, the company worked closely with the international publishers of repute and also with a large number of specialists from respected universities and research institutions who were able to obtain relevant reference material in the shortest available time.

In 2001 it was strongly felt that Indian publishing had come of age in specific areas and a well defined research infra-structure with a vast pool of scientists existed to be tapped for producing quality literature in topics such a Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Water Resources Management, Environmental Sciences and Pollution Studies etc. Capital Publishing Company was thus established to tap this exciting market potentiality.The endeavour was to go about meticulously scouting for talents and today some of the country’s more serious academics and research scientists have been involved with Capital Publishing Company as authors, editors and article contributors.

The infrastructure built over the years and a well-developed computerized mailing set up has helped in marketing these specialized products effectively. The export market has also been strengthened and agents have been appointed in Bangladesh, Pakistan and South East Asia. Co-publishing tie up with reputed US and European publishers have also ensured that the Capital Publishing’s publications are exposed to an international audience both of the print and electronic version respectively.

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