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AGRONOMY 8120416392 Dr. U. S. Gupta Oxford & IBH 264 PHYSIOLOGY OF STRESSED CROPS 2005 Rs.1195/-
Author: Dr. U. S. Gupta
Description: Research interest on the physiology of crops wider stress is of recent origin, and still in the stage of knowledge building; use of the knowledge gained on this aspect has yet to be used for improved yield and quality oriented research. But before that, collection and collation of pieces of information regarding the alterations in the physiology of crop plants by stresses (abiotic and biotic), singly and in combination, is important. White study of the whole physiology is a must for concept development, it was thought more prudent to concentrate separately on different important aspects for better coverage and comprehension, and then integrate the separate areas later on With this objective; a multi-volume treatise on the Physiology of Stressed Crops was planned. This volume I on
Table of Content: Cold: Chilling and Frost Stress * Heat Tolerance * Drought Tolerance * Excessive Moisture (Oxygen Deprivation) * Humidity Stress* Radiation Stress * Air Pollution * Salt Tolerance * Nutrient Stress * Mechanical Stress * Crop Lodging * Parasitic Weeds

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