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Semiconductor Radiation Detectors: Technology and Applications

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ELECTRONICS 9781138710344 Salim Reza CRC 290 Semiconductor Radiation Detectors: Technology and Applications 2018 £110.00
Author: Salim Reza
Description: The aim of this book is to educate the reader on radiation detectors, from sensor to read-out electronics to application. Relatively new detector materials, such as CdZTe and Cr compensated GaAs, are introduced, along with emerging applications of radiation detectors. This X-ray technology has practical applications in medical, industrial, and security applications. It identifies materials based on their molecular composition, not densities as the traditional transmission equipment does. With chapters written by an international selection of authors from both academia and industry, the book covers a wide range of topics on radiation detectors, which will satisfy the needs of both beginners and experts in the field.
Table of Content: Chapter 1: Direct Conversion Semiconductor Detectors for Radiation Imaging Shiva Abbaszadeh and Craig S. Levin Chapter 2: GaAs:Cr as Sensor Material for Photon Counting Pixel Detectors Elias Hamann Chapter 3: LAMBDA Detector—An Example of a State-of-the-Art Photon Counting Imaging System David Pennicard, Julian Becker, and Milija Sarajlić Chapter 4: Theoretical Consideration of the Response Function of a Two-Dimensional CdTe Detector Hiroaki Hayashi Chapter 5: Monte Carlo Modeling of Solid State X-Ray Detectors for Medical Imaging Yuan Fang and Aldo Badano Chapter 6: Synthesizable Inverter-Based Analog Processor for Radiation Detection Read-Out Front Ends Lampros Mountrichas, Thomas Noulis, and S. Siskos Chapter 7: Semiconductor Detector Readout ASICs for Baggage Scanning Applications Kris Iniewski and Chris Siu Chapter 8: Applications of Hybrid Pixel Detectors for High Resolution Table-Top X-Ray Imaging Jan Dudák Chapter 9: Conebeam CT for Medical Imaging and Image-Guided Interventions Tianye Niu and Yu Kuang Chapter 10: Cadmium (Zinc) Telluride 2D/3D Spectrometers for Scattering Polarimetry Rui Miguel Curado da Silva, Ezio Caroli, Stefano del Sordo, and Jorge Manuel Maia

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