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MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 9781439805725 Kalyan Annamalai, Ishwar K. Puri, Milind A. Jog CRC India 1142 ADVANCED THERMODYNAMICS ENGINEERING, SECOND EDITION 2013 Rs. 2730/-
Author: Kalyan Annamalai, Ishwar K. Puri, Milind A. Jog
Description: Designed for readers who need to understand and apply the engineering physics of thermodynamic concepts, this volume features physical explanations along with mathematical equations so that the principles can be applied to real-world problems. Employing almost 300 illustrations to enhance clarity, the book first presents the phenomenological approach to a problem and then delves into the details. Using a self-teaching format, the authors forego esoteric material in favor of concrete examples and applications. The book includes several tables containing thermodynamic properties and other useful information, and additional material is available for download.
Table of Content: Introduction; First Law of Thermodynamics; Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy; Availability; Postulatory (Gibbsian) Thermodynamics; State Relationships for Real Gases and Liquids; Thermodynamic Properties of Pure Fluids; Thermodynamic Properties Mixtures; Phase Equilibrium for a Mixture; Stability; Chemically Reacting Systems; Reaction Direction and Chemical Equilibrium; Availability Analysis for Reacting Systems; Thermal Sciences and Biological Systems; Problems.

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