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Models for Design: Electrical Calculations for Industrial Plants

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ELECTRONICS 9781138504684 Robert E. Henry PE CRC 165 Models for Design: Electrical Calculations for Industrial Plants 2018 £115.00
Author: Robert E. Henry PE
Description: This book instructs the reader on how to size a networks equipment and address requirements for fast-transient loads (kiloampere loads that last for several minutes). It explores specific calculations used to design equipment for plants. The chapters discuss economic design methods and dynamic-load requirements for electrical equipment. New motor thermal models are developed and power-cable thermal models are also covered. Furthermore, it presents universal plant-load breakdown.
Table of Content: Chapter 1. Introduction Part I: Plant Equipment Chapter 2. Using an Uninterruptable Power Supply to Power a Variable Speed Drive Chapter 3. Storage Batteries Part II: One-Line Designs Chapter 4. The Largest Demand for 13.8 kV Switchgear Chapter 5. The Minor Influence of the Grid Thevenin Impedance on Plant Faults Chapter 6. Use of a Three-Winding Step-up Transformer Part III: Fast Transient Calculations Chapter 7. Analysis of Power Cables Conducting Fast Transient Loads Chapter 8. Sizing Power Cables for Fast Transient Loads Chapter 9. Introduction to Motor Analysis Chapter 10. Fast Transient Motor Analysis Chapter 11. Calculation of Motor Temperatures Chapter 12. Motor Conclusions Chapter 13. Line Design Chapter 14. Comparisons of Line Alternative Costs Chapter 15. Preliminary Cost Estimate

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