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MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 9780415503099 Brian Smith CRC India 120 WELDING PRACTICE 2013 Rs.850/-
Author: Brian Smith
Description: The book is aimed at those wishing to gain a basic knowledge of the practical aspects of the four most widely used welding processes: manual metal arc (MMA), metal inert/active gas (MIG/AG), tungsten inert gas (TIG) and oxy-acetylene welding and cutting. In addition to a detailed treatment of these four methods, further sections deal with the various angles at which welding can be carried out, the effect of the different materials, and quality assessment. Important safety information is collected into a preliminary section whilst highlighted safety warnings carry the safety theme through the entire text. Features to aid comprehension include a glossary of welding terms and symbols, self-assessment questions and a guide to current welder qualifications in the light of recent European standardization.
Table of Content: * General – Safety * Welding terminology * Weld symbols * Requirements of a good weld * Distortion * Types of welded joints * Weld defects * Inspection * Quantification * Manual metal arc (MMA) * Metal inert * active gas (MIG*MAG) * Tungsten inert gas (TIG) * Oxy-acetylene (OA) * Questions and answers.

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