GREEN ENERGY Biomass Processing and Technology

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MICROBIOLOGY 8185589135 Dr. Ajit Varma, Dr. B.K. Behera Capital Publishing Company 328 GREEN ENERGY Biomass Processing and Technology 2013 Rs.1595/-
Author: Dr. Ajit Varma, Dr. B.K. Behera
Description: This book provides a rational and conceptual framework to appraise the wide range of renewable biomass for alternate energy options and to ascertain where and when each fuel option is most alluring. It also provides the possibilities of the intervention to expedite the effective implementation of production and utilization of renewable biomass as an alternative source of energy option, particularly in this energy transition period. The prime aim is to propose a ready reference for technologists and policymakers who need instant and dogmatic guide for the fast developing field of greenfuel technology.
Table of Content: •Present Strategy On Biomass Energy Conversion Technology •Biological Hydrogen Production •Bioremediation of Organic Wastes and Biogas Production Technology •Fuel Wood Farming and Petrocrop Biomass Processing •Biomass Gasification •Biomass Pyrolysis •Biomass Liquefication •Future Prospects

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