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MICROBIOLOGY 8185589089 Dr. Dilip.K Markandey, Dr. Neelima Rajvaidya Markandey Capital Publishing Company 200 MICROORGANISMS IN BIOREMEDIATION 2002 Rs.1495/-
Author: Dr. Dilip.K Markandey, Dr. Neelima Rajvaidya Markandey
Description: Other than municipalities, various industries disposing off the industrial effluents are the worst polluters of the aquatic resources. The increasing use of fresh water as raw material in various industrial applications has also accelerated the demand for high quality drinking water. It is of utmost importance, hence, to prevent the pollution of aquatic resources by all possible means to control its quality from further deterioration. Applying microorgainisms for industrial pollution control is an area of interest all over the world. Various treatment technologies in different combinations of physical, chemical and biological methods are in use to treat the industrial effluents of different origin. In the present volume, various microbiological methods and the possible solutions for treatment and remediation of the effluents of different nature are described and discussed at length.
Table of Content: •Microalgae Mediated Remediation of Waste Water •Suitability of Algal Variables for Bioremediation of Industrial Effluents Containing Heavy Metals •Abatement of Metal(s) Pollution by Microorganisms •Microbes in Extreme Environments and Their Potential Uses in Industrial Effluent Treatment •Role of Microbes in Remediation of Industrial Effluents •Microbial Potential in Bioremediation of Industrial Effluents •Pirifin-mospora Indica: Aplant Stimulator and Pathogen Inhibitor Arbuscular Mycorrhiza-like Fungus •Operon Mediated Resistance to Mercury and Organomercurials in Bacteria •Molecular Mechanisms of Chlorinated Pesticide(s) Degradation in Microbial Systems •Microbial Degradation of the Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) present in the Environment: ACritical Appraisal •Removal and recovery of Chromium from Aqueous Solution and Industrial Effluents by Microo ganisms and other Non-Conventional Biosorbents •Environmental Terms, Associated Laws and Their Description

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