NANOTECHNOLOGY 3rd Edition Principles and Practices

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NANOTECHNOLOGY 9789381891261 Dr. Mrs. Sulabha K. Kulkarni Capital Publishing Company 340 NANOTECHNOLOGY 3rd Edition Principles and Practices 2014 Rs.695/-
Author: Dr. Mrs. Sulabha K. Kulkarni
Description: Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing field based on interdisciplinary science. It is, therefore, not surprising that there is an interest for nanotechnology amongst physicists, chemists, engineers and biologists. Many universities, all over the world, have already introduced nanotechnology at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. India is no exception. This book will give an introduction to nanotechnology and methods of making nanomaterials (physical, chemical, biological and hybrid). Various analysis techniques (microscopies and spectroscopies) with reference to nanomaterials have been discussed. Structure, thermal, optical, magnetic, transport properties of the nanomaterials have been elaborated with appropriate examples. Applications of nanotechnology in electronics, optoelectronics, energy (solar cells), cosmetics, textile, medicine etc. have been discussed. In order to understand nanotechnology some basic understanding about quantum mechanics and solid state physics (chemistry) is essential which is also briefly discussed in the book. Achapter is included to enable some simple, low cost experiments to be carried out in a teaching laboratory on nanotechnology.
Table of Content: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics * Structure and Bonding * Synthesis of Nanomaterials-I (Physical Methods) * Synthesis of Nanomaterials-II (Chemical Methods) * Synthesis of Nanomaterials-III (Biological Methods) * Self Assembly * Analysis Techniques * Types of Nanomaterials and Their Properties * Nanolithography * Nanoelectronics * Some Special Nanomaterials * Applications * Nanotechnology & Environment * Practicals 978-93-81891-26-1 * Appendix I: Periodic Table * Appendix II: Electromagnetic Spectrum * Appendix III: List of Fundamental Constants * Appendix IV: Vacuum Techniques * Appendix V: Properties of Some Semiconductors * Appendix VI: Kronig Penney Model (1-D)

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