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WATER RESOURCES 8185589321 Dr. R. Ramesh, Prof. S. Ramachandran Capital Publishing Company 250 FRESHWATER MANAGEMENT 2005 Rs.1595/-
Author: Dr. R. Ramesh, Prof. S. Ramachandran
Description: The primary objective of this book is to discuss the integrating concept for a number of water sub-sectors such as hydropower, water supply & sanitation, irrigation and drainage. It addresses water as a resource in its many dimensions, serves to assess and disseminate emerging lessons and shared experiences, to publicize policies and guidelines, facilitate cooperation on water issues and to address issues of knowledge generation, management, and enhancing skills.
Table of Content: 1.Pollution of Freshwater Ecosystems in Bangladesh 2.Flux and Chemistry of Tannery Effluents: ACase Study of Narayani Leather Industry, Birganj, Nepal 3.Biological treatment of tannery soak liquor in a Sequencing Batch Reactor using halophilic bacteria 4.Photosynthetic rate of Rhizoclonium riparium (Chlorophyta Cladophorales) exposed to copper and its use like bioindicator. 5.Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Reuse — an Integrated Approach 6.Management strategies to control seawater intrusion 7.Groundwater quality assessment in part of the Chennai city, Tamil Nadu, India 8.Reutilization of Industrial Solid Waste for Industrial Effluent Treatment 9.Design of sewage farms as constructed wetlands with mixing cell method 10.Delineation of Fresh Water Aquifers In Ramanathapuram Coast Tamil Nadu Using Vertical Electrical Sounding. 11.Monitoring of urban pollution in Tirumanimuttar River in Salem and Namakkal Districts, Tamil Nadu 12.Hydrogeochemical studies for saltwater intrusion in Lower Gundar basin, Tamil Nadu, India 13.Enhancement in quality of ground water due to revitalization of percolation pond — A case study in Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu 14.Hydro geophysical investigation of groundwater for rural development — Acase study of Mamandur, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu 15.0verexploitation and salt water intrusion — A Case Study along Cuddalore Coast, Tamil Nadu, South India 16.Treatment of Tannery Waste water using Cyanobacteria with special reference to Chromium — An Eco-friendly technology 17.0ver-Exploitation of Ground Water and Salt Water Intursion: Problems and Prospects 18.Hydrogeology of an over-exploited hard rock watershed in Tamil Nadu, India, with special reference to long-term behavior of Ground water levels 19.A study on the dietary intake of Po-210 and Pb-210 through the fishes by the coastal population of Palk Strait, India 20.Benefits of the networking of the surplus Indian rivers 21.Dimensionless toxicity index — a tool to assess freshwater quality 22.Management of River Basin Fluxes — Acase study 23.Strategies to upkeep the ecology of the coastal regions and to attain sustainable groundwater development from the coastal aquifers of:Tamil Nadu — India

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