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WATER RESOURCES 818558950X B. Venkatesh, B.K. Purandara, K.S. Ramasastri, Capital Publishing Company 300 FOREST HYDROLOGY 2005 Rs. 1795/-
Author: B. Venkatesh, B.K. Purandara, K.S. Ramasastri,
Description: Societal awareness of environmental problems and ecosystem limitation has been a major force behind the modern search for understanding forest hydrology. Research programme sponsored by government and private agencies in many countries has expanded continuously during recent decades in a synergistic search for new knowledge. Forest hydrology is clearly an interdisciplinary science, the union of forest and hydrology. It is also the science of water related phenomena that are influenced by forest cover with the advent of a
Table of Content: * Land Use Land Cover Mapping (Remote Sensing and GIS in Mapping) * Hydrological Aspects of Forests * Impact of Forests on Groundwater Recharge * Soil and Land Use Changes * Plantation and Bio-Fencing in Forested Ecosystem * Community Participation

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