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Sustainability Assessment: Applications and opportunities

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Environmental Science 9781138802759 Robert Gibson CRC 282 Sustainability Assessment: Applications and opportunities 2017 £36.99
Author: Robert Gibson
Description: Current and expanding human activities are moving us towards ever deeper unsustainability. While there is no single, simple means of reversing the invidious biophysical trends and redirecting the distribution of benefits, one necessary step is to approach every new and renewed undertaking as an opportunity to deliver maximum multiple, mutually reinforcing, fairly distributed and lasting gains. Finding the best options for enhancing such gains by comparing alternatives, addressing all the key requirements for progress towards sustainability and avoiding significant adverse effects, is the essential purpose of sustainability assessment. This book addresses the theory and practice of sustainability assessment applications, drawing from experiences globally in a variety of sectors and presenting lessons learned. Diverse international case studies from professionals and academics demonstrate progress so far in exploring openings, testing approaches to application and establishing best practice. The book illustrates means of specifying generic sustainability criteria for the context of particular applications, reports on the resulting insights, and examines the barriers and opportunities for further advances. This book is an important resource for students, academics and professionals in the areas of Governance, Environmental Assessment, Planning and Policy Making, Corporate Social Responsibility and Applied Sustainability.
Table of Content: 1. Foundations: sustainability and the requirements for getting there Robert B. Gibson 2. Applications: from generic criteria and processes to applications Robert B. Gibson 3. Building and applying a sustainability assessment framework: the Panel review of the Mackenzie Gas Project Robert B. Gibson 4. Peanut shells in the bigger picture: sustainability assessment in the agricultural and energy systems of Senegal Kyrke Gaudreau 5. Sustainability effects of a Brazilian sugarcane ethanol mill Carla Grigoletto Duarte and Kyrke Gaudreau 6. The sustainability assessment of the South West Yarragadee Water Supply Development in Western Australia Jenny Pope 7. The Lower Churchill Panel Review: sustainability assessment under legislative constraints in Canada Meinhard Doelle 8. Sustainability assessments designed for multiple functions: five cases about water resources, nanotechnologies and communities Arnim Wiek, Christopher Kuzdas, Rider Foley, Lauren Withycombe Keeler, Nigel Forrest and Braden Kay 9. Electricity system planning and sustainability assessment in Ontario, Canada Mark Winfield 10. Using strategic thinking and critical decision factors to achieve sustainability: three cases in Portugal Maria Rosário Partidário 11. Applying a sustainable assessment framework to recovery plans in eastern Tohoku, Japan Yoichi Kumagai 12. The mitigation hierarchy and beyond: guiding appropriate biodiversity trade-offs in assessments for sustainability Susie Brownlie and Jo Treweek 13. Opportunities Robert B. Gibson

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