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WATER RESOURCES 8185589151 Dr. M. Thangarajan Capital Publishing Company 300 REGIONAL GROUNDWATER MODELING 2003 Rs.1795/-
Author: Dr. M. Thangarajan
Description: Groundwater modeling is an established tool to study the aquifer response for given input-output stresses. The findings, in turn, help evolve and select optimal groundwater exploitation and management policy. Groundwater pollution in many countries is an additional dimension to the groundwater problem. Mass transport modelling in recent time gives rise to the understanding of the migrational behavior of pollutant in the saturated and unsaturated region. Hard rock aquifer hydrology is not yet fully understood, as such simulation of groundwater flow and mass transport in fractured aquifer system is its initial stage.
Table of Content: •Introduction •Review of Groundwater Flow and Mass Transport Equation •Recapping Modeling Techniques •Data Requirements for Modeling and its Estimation Procedures •Conceptual Model Design •Model Design And Execution •Model Calibration Process •Modeling Weathered Hard Rock Aquifer System •Simulation of Multi-Layer Sedimentary Aquifer System •Mass Transport Modeling •Modeling Fracture Flow System •Groundwater Chemistry •Management of Groundwater Resources

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