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Power System Transients: Theory and Applications, Second Edition

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ELECTRONICS 9781498782371 Akihiro Ametani, Naoto Nagaoka, Yoshihiro Baba, Teruo Ohno, Koichi Yamabuki CRC 574 Power System Transients: Theory and Applications, Second Edition 2017 £155.00
Author: Akihiro Ametani, Naoto Nagaoka, Yoshihiro Baba, Teruo Ohno, Koichi Yamabuki
Description: This new edition covers a wide area from transients in power systems—including the basic theory, analytical calculations, EMTP simulations, computations by numerical electromagnetic analysis methods, and field test results—to electromagnetic disturbances in the field on EMC and control engineering. Not only does it show how a transient on a single-phase line can be explained from a physical viewpoint, but it then explains how it can be solved analytically by an electric circuit theory. Approximate formulas, which can be calculated by a pocket calculator, are presented so that a transient can be analytically evaluated by a simple hand calculation. Since a real power line is three-phase, this book includes a theory that deals with a multi-phase line for practical application. In addition, methods for tackling a real transient in a power system are introduced. This new edition contains three completely revised and updated chapters, as well as two new chapters on grounding and numerical methods.
Table of Content: Preface Authors List of Symbols List of Acronyms International Standards 1 Theory of Distributed-Parameter Circuits and Impedance/Admittance Formulas 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Impedance and Admittance Formulas Problems 1.3 Basic Theory of Distributed-Parameter Circuit Problems 1.4 Multiconductor System Problems 1.5 Frequency-Dependent Effect Problems 1.6 Traveling Wave Problems 1.7 Nonuniform Conductors Problems 1.8 Introduction to EMTP Solutions to Problems References 2 Transients on Overhead Lines 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Switching Surge on Overhead Lines 2.3 Fault Surge2.4 Lightning Surge 2.5 Theoretical Analysis of Transients: Hand Calculations 2.6 Frequency-Domain (FD) Method of Transient Simulations Appendix 2A References 3 Transients on Cable Systems 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Impedance and Admittance of Cable Systems 3.3 Wave Propagation and Overvoltages 3.4 Studies on Recent and Planned EHV AC Cable Projects 3.5 Cable System Design and Equipment Selection 3.6 EMTP Simulation Test Cases Problem 1 Problem 2 References 4 Transient and Dynamic Characteristics of New Energy Systems 4.1 Wind Farm 4.2 Power-Electronics Simulation Using the EMTP 4.3 Voltage-Regulation Equipment Using Battery in a DC 4.4 Concluding Remarks References 5 Numerical Electromagnetic Analysis Methods and Their Application in Transient Analyses 5.1 Fundamentals 5.2 Applications References 6 Electromagnetic Disturbances in Power Systems and Customer Homes 6.1 Introduction 6.2 Disturbances in Power Stations and Substations 6.3 Disturbances in Customers Home Appliances 6.4 Analytical Method of Solving Induced Voltages and Currents Solution to Problem 6.1 Appendix 6A References 7 Grounding 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Grounding Methods 7.3 Modeling for Steady-State and Transient Analysis 7.4 Measurement of Transient Responses on Various Grounding Electrodes Appendix 7A References 8 Problems and Application Limits of Numerical Simulations 8.1 Problems with Existing Impedance Formulas Used in Circuit Theory-Based Approaches 8.2 Existing Problems in Circuit Theory-Based Numerical Analysis 8.3 NEA for Power System Transients References Index

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