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WATER RESOURCES 8185589674 Dr. Einar Beheim, Dr. Govind S. Rajwar, Prof. Martin J. Haigh, Dr. Josef Krecek Capital Publishing Company 292 INTEGRATED WATERSHED MANAGEMENT Perspectives and Problems 2010 Rs. 1795/-
Author: Dr. Einar Beheim, Dr. Govind S. Rajwar, Prof. Martin J. Haigh, Dr. Josef Krecek
Description: This book contains 22 articles selected from over 200 oral and poster papers presented at The International Conference on Headwater Control held at Bergen, Norway, sixth of its kind (IHC6) belonging to a tradition established at the First International Conference in Prague in 1989 and developed through subsequent meetings at various places in Europe, Asia and Africa. The articles of this book are updated and peer reviewed for inclusion in this volume as proceedings of the IHC6 conference. The issues of water use and water management in different parts of Europe, Africa and Asia have been the central theme of most of the articles, which are divided into four sections: Sustainable watershed management; Catchment and strearnflow hydrology; Quality, pollution and management of water resources; and Monitoring and mitigation of disasters. The chapters incorporate the results of studies on integrated and sustainable watershed management, socio-economic issues, participatory processes in headwater management, control of water pollution, and monitoring and mitigation of various disasters in different mountain watersheds of Asia, Africa and Europe.
Table of Content: Section A: Sustainable Watershed Management * Sustainable Management of Headwater Resources * Social Science Contributions to Multiple Objective Decision Making within Watersheds * Managing Headwater Regions in Australia : Assessing Socio-economic and Resource Sustainability *Building Cooperations, Coalitions and Governance on Mountain Catchments Sustainability* Developing Sustainability Priorities with a Participatory process : Lake Victoria Basin, East Africa* Management of Headwaters in Acidified Areas along the West Coast of Norway Section B : Catchment and Streamflow Hydrology* Monitoring for Modelling Reality and Sound Economics *The Nile Headwaters : Wetlands and Catchments in Highland Ethiopia* Changing Flow in the Okavango Basin : Upstream Developments and Downstream Effects * Bedrock Groundwater as a Major Control on Streamflow Generation in Upland Wales, UK* CRENODAT (Biodiversity Assessment and Integrity Evaluation of Springs ofTrentino (Italian Alps) and Long-term Ecological Research): Project Design and Preliminary Results Section C: Quality, Pollution and Management of Water Resources * Water as a symbol of National Identity in Norway * Assessing Renewable Water Resources and Water Use in Angola * Water Management Issues in Middle Mountain Catchments of the Nepal Himalayas : The Downstream Perspective * Inventorisation of Environmental Risk Associated with Hazardous Waste Generated in Small Scale Industrial Area of Delhi, India * The Impact of Land Use on Nutrient Concentration in Upper Streams of Waters in Slovenia * Recovery of Headwater Catchments and Lakes Affected by the Acid Atmospheric Deposition Section D : Monitoring and Mitigation of Disasters * Disasters in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region : A Case Study ofTsatichhu Lake in Bhutan * Perception and Communication of Flood Risk : Preliminary Results from the FLOWS Project Decreasing the Risk of Floods in Small and Medium Sized Catchments through Natural Storage in Headwater and Riparian Zones * Estimating Sediment Mobilisation from Torrent and Gully Deposits : Field Studies * Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts of Erosion and Sedimentation in Sudan

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