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Nanocomposites in Electrochemical Sensors

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NANOTECHNOLOGY 9781138626775 Samira Bagheri, Iraj Sadegh Amiri, Amin Termeh Yousefi, Sharifah Bee Abd Hamid CRC 136 Nanocomposites in Electrochemical Sensors 2017 £105.00
Author: Samira Bagheri, Iraj Sadegh Amiri, Amin Termeh Yousefi, Sharifah Bee Abd Hamid
Description: Nanotechnology has become one of the most important fields in science. Nanoparticles exhibit unique chemical, physical and electronic properties that are different from those of bulk materials, due to their small size and better architecture. Nanoparticles can be used to construct novel sensing devices; in particular electrochemical sensors. Electrochemical detection is highly attractive for the monitoring of glucose, cancer cells, cholesterol and infectious diseases. Unique nanocomposite-based films proposed in this book open new doors to the design and fabrication of high-performance electrochemical sensors.
Table of Content: Introduction of nanocomposites in electrochemical sensors 1.1 Introduction to nanotechnology 1.2 Application of nanotechnology in catalysis 1.3 Nanomaterials 1.4 Synthesis of nanomaterials 1.5 Nanoparticles 1.6 Synthesis of nanoparticles 1.7 Application of nanoparticles in electrochemical sensors 1.8 Chemically Modified Electrodes (CMEs) 1.9 Carbon nanotubes 1.10 Ferri/ferrocyanide 1.11 Polymers 1.12 Analytes 1.13 Immobilization techniques 1.14 Electrochemical methods 1.15 Aim and objectives 1.16 Book structure 2 Literature review of nanocomposites in electrochemical sensors 2.1 Sensors 2.2 Chemical sensors 2.3 Chemically Modified Electrodes (CMEs) 2.4 Carbon nanotubes 2.5 Electrodes 2.6 Electrochemical methods 2.7 Metal oxide nanostructures 2.8 Nanocomposites 2.9 Solvent dispersion and casting immobilization 2.10 Chitosan 2.11 Determination of carbohydrates 2.12 Determination of amino acids 3 Experimental procedures and materials for nanocomposites in electrochemical sensors 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Synthesis of nanocrystalline metal oxides by sol-gel method 3.3 Characterization of synthesized metal oxide particles 3.4 Chemically Modified Electrodes (CMEs) 3.5 Fabrication of chemically modified electrodes 3.6 Electrochemical measurements of modified electrodes 3.7 Cyclic voltammetry 4 Electrocatalytic detection of glucose using Cobalt (II) ions immobilized ZnO/MWCNT/PCL nanocomposite film 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Experimental procedure 4.3 Results and discussion 4.4 Chapter summary 5 Sensitive detection of L-Tryptophan using gelatin stabilized anatase titanium dioxide nanoparticles 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Experimental procedure 5.3 Results and discussion 5.4 Electrocatalytic properties of TiO2-MWCNT/GCE electrode 5.5 Determination of L-Trp 5.6 Chapter summary 6 Electrocatalytic detection of carbohydrates by using Ni(II)/PAN/MWCNT nanocomposite thin films 6.1 Introduction 6.2 Experimental procedure 6.3 Results and discussion 6.4 Chapter summary 7 Simultaneous detection of D-Penicillamine and L-Tryptophan using ferri/ferrocyanide doped chitosan-multi walled carbon nanotube nanocomposite 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Experimental procedure 7.3 Results and discussion 7.4 Chapter summary 8 Outlook of nanocomposites in electrochemical sensors References

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