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WATER RESOURCES 8185589682 Deepesh Machiwal, Madan Kumar Jha Capital Publishing Company 320 HYDROLOGIC TIME SERIES ANALYSIS : Theory and Practice 2012 Rs.1795/-
Author: Deepesh Machiwal, Madan Kumar Jha
Description: There is a dearth of relevant books dealing with both theory and application of time series analysis techniques, particularly in the field of water resources engineering, Therefore, many hydrologists and hydrogeologists face difficulties in adopting time series analysis as one of the tools for their research. This book fills this gap by providing a proper blend of theoretical and practical aspects of time series analysis. It deals with a comprehensive overview of time series characterstics in hydrology/water resources enginering, various tools and techniques for analyzing time series data, theorical details of 31 available statistical tests along with detailed procedures for applying them to real-world time series data, theory and methodology of stochastic modelling, and current status of time series analysis in hydrological sciences. In addition, it demonstrates the application of the most time series tests through a case study as well as presents a comparative performance evaluation of various time series tests, together with four invited case studies from India and abroad. This book will not only serve as a textbook for the students and teachers in water resources engineering but will also serve as the most comprehensive reference to educate researchers/scientists about the theory and practice of time series analysis in hydrological sciences, This book will be very useful to the students, researchers, teachers and professionals involved in water resources, hydrology, ecology, climate change, earth science and environmental studies.
Table of Content: * Introduction * Water Problems and Challenges: An Overview * What is Time Series? * Time Series Analysis * Classification of Time Series * Structure of Time Series * Salient Characteristics of Time series * Time Series Analysis vis-a-vis Hydrology PARTI - TOOLS / TECHNIQUES FOR TIME SERIES ANALYSIS * Statistical Characteristics of Hydrologic Time Series * Measures of Location * Measures of Spread/ Dispersion * Measures of Skewness * Additional Robust Measures * Measures of Peakness or Flatness * Statistial Measures for System Performance Evaluation * Methods for Testing Normality of Hydrologic Time Series * Graphical Methods * Statistical Methods * Methods for Time Series Analysis * Methods for Checking Homogeneity * Methods for Checking Stationarity * Methods for Detecting Trend * Methods for Checking Periodicity * Methods for Persistence Testing * Merits and Demerits of Time Series Methods * Stochastic Modelling of Time Series * Common Stochastic Processes * Methodology for ARIMAModel Application * Current Status of Time Series Analysis in Hydrological Sciences * Theoretical Research on Hydrologic Time Series * Application of Time Series Analysis in Climatology * Application of Time Series Analysis in Surface Water Hydrology * Application of Time Series Analysis in Groundwater Hydrology * Time Series Analysis of Irrigation Requirement and Soil Moisture * Concluding Remarks PARTII - SALIENTCASE STUDIES * Efficacy of Time Series Tests : A Critical Assessment * Introduction * Methodology * Graphical Interpretation * Checking Normality * Checking Homogeneity * Checking Stationarity * Checking Trend * Investigating Periodicity * Investigating Persistence *Conclusions * Trend and Homogeneity in Subsurface Hydrologic Variables:Case Study in a Hard-Rock Aquifer of Western India * Introduction * Study Area and Data * Application of Time Series Tests * Spatial and Temporal Variations of Annual Rainfull * Trend and Homogeneity in Seasonal Groundwater Levels * Trend and Homogeneity in Annual Net Recharge * Conclusions * Analysis of Streamflow Trend in the Susquehanna River Basin, USA*Introduction * Study Area * Methodology * Results and Discussion * Conclusions * Analysis of Trend in Low-Flow Time Series of Canadian Rivers * Introduction * Components of Trend Analysis Framework * ACase of Study of Trend Analysis in Time Series of Annual and Seasonal Low Flows * Concluding Remarks * Exploring Trends in Climatological Time Series of Orissa, India Using Nonparametric Trend Tests * Introduction * The Study Area and Climate * Methodology * Results and Discussion * Conclusions * Analysis of Trend and Periodicity in Long-term Annual Rainfull Time Series of Nigeria * Introduction * Study Area * Methodology * Results and Discussion * Conclusions

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