Groundwater Governance : Ownership of Groundwater and its Pricing

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WATER RESOURCES 8185589216 Dr. Saleem Romani, Dr. K.D. Sharma, Dr. N.C. Ghosh, Dr. Y.B. Kaushik, Capital Publishing Company 850 Groundwater Governance : Ownership of Groundwater and its Pricing 2003 Rs. 2595/-
Author: Dr. Saleem Romani, Dr. K.D. Sharma, Dr. N.C. Ghosh, Dr. Y.B. Kaushik,
Description: Groundwater Governance Ownership of Groundwater and its Pricing
Table of Content: * Groundwater Management-Emerging Challenges * Groundwater Resources of India : Towards a Framework for Practical Management and Effective Administration * Groundwater Management in the State of Punjab Challenges of Ground water Management in Hard Rock Terrain - ACase Study from Tamil Nadu, India * Optimal Groundwater Pumping from Palla Well Fields to Augment Drinking Water Supply to Delhi * Origin and Recharge Zones of Ground Water in a Himalayan Catchment : An Isotopic Approach * Emerging Challenges in Groundwater Resource Management before Newly Created State-with Special Reference to Chhattisgarh * Design of Sustainable Water Supply for HindalcoMuri Works in Subamarekha Riverbed Aquifer, Ranchi District, Jharkhand * Implications of Submersible Pumps in Declining Water Table Areas of Trans Indo-Gangetic Plains Artificial Groundwater Recharge Planning in Northern Uttar Pradesh Using Remote Sensing and GIS Groundwater Scenario under Changing Climate : Rajasthan * Groundwater Perspectives of Small Islands - Lakshadweep Islands, India * Use of Iron-Rich Groundwater for Irrigation in Sonitpur District of Assam Modelling of a Scavenger Well System * Groundwater Development in Hilly Terrain : Case Studies in and around Kohima, Nagaland * Affectivity and Extent of Haveli Areas-A System of Water Prosperity * Groundwater Management Options-A Case Study of Western Yamuna Canal Command, Haryana* Groundwater Governance - Ownership and Its Pricing * The Kerala Ground Water Act in Relation to Regional Hydrogeological Conditions of the State * Framework and Implementation of the West Bengal Groundwater Resources (Management, Control and Regulation) Act, 2005 * Groundwater Governance in Overexploited/ Dark and Saline Areas of Gujarat State * Groundwater Management in Haryana and Emerging Issues * Groundwater Governance: Issues & Perspectives Regarding Model Bill Application in Punjab State * Groundwater Resource Assessment and Management Strategies with Special Reference to Madhya Pradesh * Groundwater Resource Management in the State of Rajasthan * Groundwater Governance in Kavaratty Island of Lakshadweep, India * Groundwater Governance : The Indian Scenario * Institutional Framework of Managing Ground Water in a Water Stressed Region * Groundwater Governance : Few Pertinent Issues Relating to Availability and Possible Threat * Over-Exploitation of Aquifers : Need for Proper Planning, Management Tactics, Awareness and Legislation (Examples from West Bengal and Orissa) * Water Rights and Other Alternative to Groundwater Management in India * Contribution of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System to Groundwater Ownership Laws * Ownership of Ground Water and Its Pricing : Rajasthan Perspective Control and Regulation of Groundwater through Pricing of Water in the Kerala Scenario * Emerging Problems in Groundwater Regulations and Governance, and the Need for a Groundwater Database-A Case Study from Orissa * Groundwater Ownership and Legal Aspects Groundwater Governance Issues in Irrigation Development - A Perspective * Sectoral Allocation and Pricing of Groundwater : A Stakeholder View * Sectoral Allocation of Groundwater and its Pricing * Groundwater Rights and Water Pricing Structure * Allocation and Pricing Policy for Groundwater Resources * Groundwater Pricing in Over-exploited Torehalla Watershed (4B4B2), Hassan District, Karnataka - AScientific Approach * Pricing Policy and Its Role in Groundwater Management - AKarnataka Experience * Multi-stakeholder Approach - The New Development Paradigm? Water Conservation * Management Aspects of Groundwater Resources : Community Participation, Augmentation and Restoration * Watershed Development Approach in Groundwater Augmentation in Nawapada District of Orissa * Stakeholders Participation in Groundwater Governance in Kerala

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