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Project Management for Information Professionals - 1st Edition

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Social and Behavioral Sciences 9780081001271 Margot Note Chandos 234 Project Management for Information Professionals - 1st Edition 2016 $ 78.95
Author: Margot Note
Description: Aimed at practitioners, this handbook imparts guidance on project management techniques in the cultural heritage sector. Information professionals often direct complex endeavors with limited project management training or resources. Project Management for Information Professionals demystifies the tools and processes essential to successful project management and advises on how to manage the interpersonal dynamics and organizational culture that influence the effectiveness of these methods. With this book, readers will gain the knowledge to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and close projects.
Table of Content: • Introduction • Chapter 1. Project Management Overview o 1.1. What Is a Project? o 1.2. What Is Project Management? o 1.3. Project Management Benefits • Chapter 2. Selection and Prioritization o 2.1. Identifying the Project o 2.2. Determining Goals and Objectives o 2.3. Formulating Strategies o 2.4. Gathering Requirements o 2.5. Determining Deliverables o 2.6. Clarifying Success Criteria o 2.7. Formulating the Scope Statement o 2.8. Considering Assumptions and Risks • Chapter 3. Leading and Managing Teams o 3.1. Becoming the Project Manager o 3.2. Developing Leadership Skills o 3.3. Working with Stakeholders o 3.4. Developing the Team o 3.5. Determining Roles o 3.6. Evaluating Performance o 3.7. Tracking Progress o 3.8. Managing Expectations • Chapter 4. Planning and Scheduling o 4.1. Preparing the Plan o 4.2. Developing the Work Breakdown Structure o 4.3. Defining the Sequence of Work o 4.4. Developing the Schedule o 4.5. Executing the Plan o 4.6. Procuring Resources o 4.7. Kicking off the Project o 4.8. Modifying the Schedule • Chapter 5. Budgeting and Performance o 5.1. Determining the Budget o 5.2. Calculating Costs o 5.3. Utilizing Estimation Methods o 5.4. Examining the Cost of Quality o 5.5. Evaluating Performance o 5.6. Maintaining Control o 5.7. Reviewing Costs o 5.8. Managing Change • Chapter 6. Communication and Documentation o 6.1. Writing the Charter o 6.2. Establishing the Communication Plan o 6.3. Creating Project Documentation o 6.4. Reporting Project Performance o 6.5. Communicating with the Team o 6.6. Handling Problems o 6.7. Conducting Meetings o 6.8. Generating Status Reports • Chapter 7. Completion and Review o 7.1. Verifying the Scope o 7.2. Managing Claims o 7.3. Closing the Project o 7.4. Producing Final Reports o 7.5. Recognizing Lessons Learned o 7.6. Rewarding the Team o 7.7. Handling Transition o 7.8. Creating Project Archives • Conclusion • Appendix A. Project Management Considerations • Appendix B. Further Reading • Appendix C. Software Programs • Appendix D. Glossary • Appendix E. Templates • References • Index

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