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SPORTS MANAGEMENT 9789380501703 Neil King Capital Publishing Company 320 SPORT POLICY AND GOVERNANCE Local Perspectives 2010 Rs. 895/-
Author: Neil King
Description: Sport policy, governance and politics have become increasingly important due to a recent surge in government spending and mounting media focus on the politics of sport. However, books which address these themes are few and none highlight how local policy actors mediate national policy priorities, until now?.. Sport Policy and Governance: local perspectives is the first book of its kind which addresses the strategies of national and local government actors as its core focus. As more and more courses are developed in this area, the text offers students insight and ?political savvy? in an area which will become key during their professional lives. Written in a clear and accessible style the text offers: •Insights into the politics of policymaking and implementation ? problematising policy priorities •An explanation of sport policy processes and policy stability/change and sets an agenda for future research •Extensive research over three years including approximately 100 interviews and document analysis spanning the period 1970- 2008 •Insights into the strategies employed by policy actors in shaping policy. •Topical case studies which focus on school sport, sport and health policy, sport and youth justice and sport and land-use policy •Sports Policy and Governance : Local Perspectives is essential reading for anyone who is studying, teaching or researching in this key area of sports policy.
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