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Development of Creative Spaces in Academic Libraries - 1st Edition

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Social Sciences 9780081022665 Katy Webb Chandos 212 Development of Creative Spaces in Academic Libraries - 1st Edition 2017 $ 78.95
Author: Katy Webb
Description: Development of Creative Spaces in Academic Libraries: A Decision Makers Guide includes innovative ways libraries are engaging students, including the practice of setting aside high-tech spaces for creativity. Five models of library creative spaces are explored in this book, including digital media labs, digital humanities labs, makerspaces, data visualization labs and knowledge markets. The book explores creative spaces currently offered in libraries, with a focus on academic libraries. It gives real-world advice for the process of crafting a new space in the library, including tactics on how to find campus partners, conduct a needs analysis, and answer important questions. Case studies of innovators of library creativity further highlight the successes—and pitfalls—of embarking on the process of developing a new service or space in the library.
Table of Content: Section 1: Creative Space in the Academic Library: Space and Service Models 1. The Case for Creative Spaces in Academic Libraries 2. Defining Library Space and Service Models for Media Literacy 3. Digital Media Labs 4. Digital Humanities Labs 5. Data Visualization Labs 6. Knowledge Market 7. Makerspaces Section 2: Developing a Creative Space in a Library Introduction to Section 2 8. Conducting a Needs Assessment and Answering Important Questions 9. Gaining Feedback 10. Building Relationships with Campus and Outside Partners 11. Managing a Building Project 12. Gathering Statistics, Conducting Assessment, and Telling your Story Section 3: Case Studies 13. Case Studies in the Literature 14. Case Study: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Undergraduate Library 15. Case Study: North Carolina State University 16. Case Study: Eastern Kentucky University, Noel Studio for Academic Creativity 17. Case Study: Georgetown University, Gelardin New Media Center & Maker Hub 18. Case Study: Penn State University, Data Learning Center 19. Case Study: Georgia State, CURVE 20. Case Study: Duke University, The Ruppert Commons for Research, Technology and Collaboration (also known as "The Edge") 21. Case Study: University of Colorado-Denver: Auraria Campus 22. Case Study: Yale University, Digital Humanities Lab 23. Case Study: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Digital Humanities Lab 24. Case Study: Rutgers University, Digital Humanities Lab 25. Case Study: Grand Valley State University, Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons 26. East Carolina University

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