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The Impact of Print-On-Demand on Academic Books - 1st Edition

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Social and Behavioral Sciences 9780081020111 Suzanne Wilson-Higgins Chandos 216 The Impact of Print-On-Demand on Academic Books - 1st Edition 2018 $ 78.95
Author: Suzanne Wilson-Higgins
Description: The convergence of online book selling, digital printing, digital document workflow management and the computerization of small parcel logistics created a unique opportunity to create a viable commercial model for printing and supplying books on demand. This innovation was swiftly embraced by the academic publishing community heralding the rescue of the languishing academic monograph. The possibilities captured the imagination of creative academic and niche publishers enabling custom publishing, student editions of monographs, self-compiled wiki books and even the establishment of new university presses and open access publishers. The Impact of Print on-Demand on Academic Books takes an in-depth look at this phenomenon by looking back on two decades of innovation, reviewing the present state of academic publishing with respect to works being printed on demand and compiling the current forecasts and speculation about the future of academic and niche publishing given the impact of print on-demand.
Table of Content: Part 1: Convergence and two decades of print on-demand innovation (1995-2015) Introduction to Part 1 1. Book Prepress for On-demand 2. Digital Print and Book Manufacturing On-demand 3. Bookselling On-demand 4. Book Fulfilment On-demand Part 2 - Normalized, commoditized and adopted: print on-demand today (2015-17) Introduction to Part 2 5. Monographs on-demand 6. Textbooks On-Demand 7. Book Aggregations, Archives and Collections On-demand Part 3 - Forecasts and trends in print on-demand for academic publishing (2018-2025) Introduction to Part 3 8. Trends in Academic Book Publishing that Impact On-demand 9. Trends in Book Manufacturing On-demand 10. On-demand Book Publishing Trends Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Bibliography

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