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BOTANY 8185589771 Dr. M.Amin Capital Publishing Company 174 ACTIVE TRANSPORT IN PLANTS 2009 Rs. 1495/-
Author: Dr. M.Amin
Description: The author has attempted to present a comprehensive and unified approach to plant physiology, with emphasis on the energetics of transport processes. The present approach is in line with P. Mitchells theory of proton motive force as the source of energy for symport and antiport processes in all cell membranes. We have been able to thereby formulate a comprehensive theory of plant transport regulated by the diverse metabolic activities of plant tissues. We not only resolve the problem of pH-stating in the two sets of tissues but also obtain the metabolic source of energy for transport in plants. We see that plant transport is not driven by inanimate agencies like transpiration and osmotic pressure alone but is rather governed by plants own metabolism. As living organisms, plants have to be in a position to acquire nutrients of the kind and at the rate at which these are required and hence both sinks and sources must regulate transport by their own activity in harmony with their metabolism at any time of the day and season. It has been probably the lack of recognition of the wide and diverse faculties of plants by earlier physiologists who assigned plants an inferior status of living state compared to species of animal kingdom.
Table of Content: Part 1 : Basic Information Physics * Physical Effects, Dimensions and Physical Constants * Laws of Physics * Fluids * Thermodynamic Potentials Equilibrium Thermodynamics * drreversible Processes : Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics Chemical Potentials Linear Non- equilibrium Thermodynamics ; Onsagers Equations * Flow of Viscous Fluids * Electrokinetic Phenomena * Basic Biochemistry * Elemental Composition in Rough Estimates * Organic Groups and Reactions * Chemical Reactions * Chemical Kinetics * Biological Macromolecules * Macromolecular Characteristics * Enzyme Kinetics * Cytoplasmic ATP : AFirst Glimpse * Bioelectrochemistry * Hr-Flux Mediated Electroosmosis Biological Membranes Part 2 Transport System in Plants * Long Distance Transport * Circulatory System of Plants * Zylem Anatomy * Phloem Anatomy * Root Anatomy Leaf Anatomy * General Features * Xylem Sap * Phloem Sap * Unresolved Mechanism of Transport * Current Models of Plant Transport * Ascent of Sap in Xylem * Translocation in Phloem * Problems in the Mechanism of Translocation * Hints from the Structure of Conduits * Need for Revision Part 3 : Cellular Metabolism * Energy and Matter Flow in Mesophyll Cells * Chloroplasts (Photosynthesis) * Mitochondria (Respiration and Oxidative Phosphorylation) * Cytosol (Glycolysis) * pH Regulation * pH-Stating in Mesophyll Cells * pH-Stating among Tissues * Stomata! Guard Cells * Regulation of Gas Exchange in Leaves * Active Uptake of Water * Diurnal Control of Stomata aperture * Cell Turgor Part 4 : ATP: Structure, Synthesis and Reactions * ATPas Carrier of * The Role of ATPases * -P as PMF Source * A Model for ATP synthesis * Basic Question about -G (ATP) * Free Energy of ATP Hydrolysis * as an Electrophile

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