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BOTANY 8185589607 Dr. M. Amin Capital Publishing Company 300 ADVANCED BIOENERGETICS & BIODYNAMICS 2011 Rs. 1495/-
Author: Dr. M. Amin
Description: Since the revolution in molecular biology following the elucidation of the structure of DNA in mid 1950s, research has been directed mainly in this and related areas of research. Proton motive force was the form of energy that operated in living systems as electron motive force does in electrical appliances. The extension of irreversible thermodynamics was necessary in view of the peculiarities possessed by enzymes. They not only provide the right phase and by the energy of activation by neighboring group effect; they also utilize the free energy of the reaction to cause a convective flow of reactants. Proton transfers between bases are used by enzymes to enhance the rates of enzyme catalyzed endergonic reactions, mainly by making LAS term in free energy more negative The law of biodynamics relates to ATPases that are associated with proteinaceous anisotropic macromolecules, such as myosin-F-actin and dyne microtubutes. Muscular contraction, the dynamics of the mitotic spindle in cell division, transport of photosynthates in sieve cubes, etc have been warked out as examples of the application of the law of biodynamics. Finally, a few serious problems regarding the structure and synthesis of DNA have been addressed. The two laws provide insight into the synthesis of the information rich polynucleotide by invoking a flow of nucleotides towards DNA polymerase and the reactions during base pairing.
Table of Content: Part 1 The Inanimate Surroundings * Introduction * Elemental Composition of Living cells, Chemical Bonds * Water and Electrolytes * Acids and Electrophiles and Nucleophiles * Oxidation and Reduction * Part 2 Organic Chemistry Background * Introduction * Organic Groups * Cher Reactions, Kinetics * Building Blocks of Macromolecules * Part 3 Basic Life Processes * Introduction * A Living Cell * Cytoskeletal Macromole Assemblies * Biomembranes * Chloroplasts, Cytosol & Glycolysis C Mitochondria & Oxidative Phosphorylation * Part 4 Irreversible Thermodyna * Introduction * Transphosphorylation of Glucose * Irreversible Thermodynamics * Fundamental Law of Bioenergetics * Electro chemistry; Protoosr * Law of Biodynamics * Part 5 Applications of the Law of Biodynarnics * Introduction * Cytoplasmic Streaming * Muscular Contraction * Dyn: of Mitotic Spindle * Membrane Active Transport * Parr 6 DNARevisited * Introduction * Stability of DNAStructure * Energetics of DNAReplic * Unravelling the Genetic Code * Epilogue & Future Outlook

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