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Tall Buildings: A Strategic Design Guide 2nd Edition

Subject ISBN Author Publisher Number of Pages Title Year Price
Architects & Engineers 9781859466186 Nigel Clark, Bill Price CRC 144 Tall Buildings: A Strategic Design Guide 2nd Edition 2018 £ 45.99
Author: Nigel Clark, Bill Price
Description: Tall Buildings: A Strategic Design Guide is an authoritative guide to the key issues and considerations associated with planning, creating and living with tall buildings. Thoroughly reworked to reflect industry developments and experiences gained over the last ten years, this second edition imparts the advice and knowledge of more than 20 highly respected industry specialists. Key topics include: urban design and place-making; design, engineering and construction; the role of BIM; construction economics; and the all-important matter of legacy – including the challenges of adaptation and demolition. A greater focus on international examples is also introduced, reflecting the fact that regions such as Asia and the Middle East are now dominating the tall-buildings scene.
Table of Content: Foreword Preface Introduction 1. Perspectives on Tall Buildings 2. Living with Tall Buildings 3. Urban Design and Place-making 4. Design 5. Engineering 6. BIM 7. Funding and Cost 8. Construction 9. Legacy and Adaptation 1 0. The Next Generation Afterword Index

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