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BOTANY 8185589070 Devarajan Thangadurai, Carlos Alberto Busso, Mohamed Hijri Capital Publishing Company 226 MYCORRHIZAL BIOTECHNOLOGY 2010 Rs. 1595/-
Author: Devarajan Thangadurai, Carlos Alberto Busso, Mohamed Hijri
Description: To meet the demands of rapidly increasing population with limited land, agricultural production has been raised through the use of inorganic fertilizers, multicropping systems and chemical pesticides which had deleterious effects on the terrestrial and below-ground biodiversity in the past several decades. In this scenario, mycorrhizae are being increasingly recognized as a potential system that is able to alter the functional ecology of all land plants and they increase nutrient uptake, biocontrol pathogenic fungi and nematodes and establish plant communities. As the impact of recently evolved molecular technologies is expected to promote sustainable agricultural productivity, this book lays strong emphasis on the biotechnology of mycorrhizae and contains novel information written by leading experts in the field. Mycorrhizal Biotechnology is thus an invaluable source of reference for students, researchers and practitioners of mycorrhizal research in universities and governmental agencies.
Table of Content: Arbuscular Mycorrhiza and Soil Microbes * Ectomycorrhizae and Forest Plants Fitness * Role of VAM in Nutrient Uptake of Crop Plants * Advances in Mass Production Technology of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza * Biomass Production, Arbuscular Mycorrhizae and Soil Plant-available P under Water Stress in Native Perennial Grasses * Induced Resistance in Plants and the Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi * Influence of VA_M in Bioremediation of Environmental Pollutants * Rhizosphere Management Practices in Sustaining Mycorrhizae * Importance of Mycorrhizae for Horticultural Crops * Mycobization as a Biotechnological Tool: A Challenge * Phytoremediation: Biotechnological Procedures involving Plants Anel Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi* Molecular Characterization of Genetic Diversity among Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi * Molecular Tools for Biodiversity and Phylogenetic Studies in Mycomhizas: The Use of Primers to Detect Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi * The Impact of Climate Changes on Belowground: How the CO, Increment Affects Arb

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