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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - 3rd Edition

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ENERGY STUDIES 9780081007082 Bent Sørensen, Giuseppe Spazzafumo Elsevier 522 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - 3rd Edition 2018 $ 103.00
Author: Bent Sørensen, Giuseppe Spazzafumo
Description: In a multidisciplinary field such as energy, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells stands out by covering the entire width of hydrogen production and usage technologies, giving detailed descriptions of not just one but the range of very different fuel cells that have been developed or are under development. In one volume, respected experts Bent Sorensen and Giuseppe Spazzafumo provide all the basic scientific theory underlying hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, but at the same time present applications and sustainable integration into society in a way accessible to a broad range of people working in this field, whether in technical, economic or management roles. The third edition reflects both recently emerged technologies and the market penetration of the most promising technologies, and it gives an appraisal of how far fuel cell technology may go in the future, considering current challenges and economic trends. This new edition has updated and expanded content on hydrogen storage and transmission, molten carbonate fuel cells, PEM fuel cells, solid oxide fuel cells, biofuel cells, including microbial fuel cells, applications in transportation and power plants, future scenarios and life-cycle assessment. It is ideal for researchers and professionals in the field of energy, and renewable energy in particular, both in academia and industry. It is also useful to lecturers and graduate students in engineering, physics, and environmental sciences, as well as professionals involved in energy or environmental regulation and policy.
Table of Content: 1. Introduction 2. Hydrogen 2.1 Production of hydrogen 2.3 Hydrogen conversion overview 2.4 Hydrogen storage options 2.5 Hydrogen transmission 2.6 Problems and discussion topics 3. Fuel cells 3.1 Basic concepts 3.2 Molten carbonate cells 3.3 Solid oxide cells 3.4 Acid and alkaline cells 3.5 Proton exchange membrane cells 3.6 Direct methanol and other non-hydrogen cells 3.7 Biofuel cells 3.8 Problems and discussion topics 4. Systems 4.1 Passenger cars 4.2 Bus, lorry 4.3 Ships, trains and airplanes 4.4 Power plants including stand-alone systems 4.5 Building-integrated systems 4.6 Portable and other small-scale systems 4.7 Problems and discussion topics 5. Implementation scenarios 5.1 Infrastructure requirements 5.2 Safety and norm issues 5.3 Scenario based on fossil energy 5.4 Scenario based on nuclear energy 5.5 Scenarios based on renewable energy 5.6 Problems and discussion topics 6. Social implications 6.1 Cost expectations 6.2 Life-cycle analysis of environmental and social impacts 6.3 Uncertainties 6.4 Problems and discussion topics 7. Conclusion: a conditional outcome 7.1 Opportunities 7.2 Obstacles 7.3 The way forward 7.4 How much time do we have? 7.5 The end, and a beginning

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