SOIL MECHANICS: Basic Concepts and Engineering Applications

Subject ISBN Author Publisher Number of Pages Title Year Price
CIVIL ENGINEERING 9780415383936 A. Aysen CRC India 465 SOIL MECHANICS: Basic Concepts and Engineering Applications 2013 Rs. 1750/-
Author: A. Aysen
Description: Written with students and professors in mind and packed full of pedagogical features, this book provides integrated and comprehensive coverage of introductory and advanced topics in soil mechanics. It includes worked examples that elucidate the technical content and facilitate self-learning. The texts convenient structure enables it to be used throughout two, three, and four-year undergraduate courses. The contents are made universally applicable through the use of SI units throughout as well as frequent references to current international codes of practice and refereed research papers. The book is also suitable as a resource for practicing professional engineers.
Table of Content: 1. Nature of Soils, Plasticity and Compaction 2. Effective Stress and Pore Pressure in Saturated Soils 3. The Movement of Water Through Soil 4. Shear Strength of Soils and Failure Criteria 5. Stress Distribution and Settlement in Soils 6. One Dimensional Consolidation 7. Application of Limit Analysis to Stability Problems in Soil Mechanics 8. Lateral Earth Pressure and Retaining Walls 9. Stability of Earth Slopes 10. Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations and Piles.

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