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Physical Chemistry of Gas-Liquid Interfaces - 1st Edition

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CHEMISTRY 9780128136416 Jennifer Faust, J. E. House Elsevier 490 Physical Chemistry of Gas-Liquid Interfaces - 1st Edition 2018 $ 200.00
Author: Jennifer Faust, J. E. House
Description: Physical Chemistry of Gas-Liquid Interfaces, the first volume in the Developments in Physical & Theoretical Chemistry series, addresses the physical chemistry of gas transport and reactions across liquid surfaces. Gas–liquid interfaces are all around us, especially within atmospheric systems such as sea spry aerosols, cloud droplets, and the surface of the ocean. Because the reaction environment at liquid surfaces is completely unlike bulk gas or bulk liquid, chemists must readjust their conceptual framework when entering this field. This book provides the necessary background in thermodynamics and computational and experimental techniques for scientists to obtain a thorough understanding of the physical chemistry of liquid surfaces in complex, real-world environments.
Table of Content: 1. Introduction to Gas-Liquid Interfaces a. Occurrences and importance of gas-liquid interfaces b. Basic background information: surface tension, Gibbs adsorption isotherm, resistor model of gas uptake c. Challenges for the future 2. Historical Perspective on Experimental Evidence for Ions at the Surface of Water a. Initial motivations b. First experiments that opened up the field (mid to late 1990s) 3. Current State-of-the Art Modelling of Ions at the Surface of Water a. Molecular dynamics b. Polarizability c. Hofmeister Series 4. Molecular Beam Scattering as a Tool to Probe Reactions of Gases at Liquid Surfaces a. Selected reaction examples b. Energy transfer c. Reaction timescale 5. Ion Scattering Studies of Molecular Structure at Liquid Surfaces a. Overview of experimental techniques (NICISS, MEIS, HEIS, etc) 6. Sum Frequency Generation at Aqueous Surfaces a. Hydrogen bonding structure at the interface b. Surfactants and ions 7. X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy with Water Micro-jets a. Liquid micro-jet technique b. Surface profiles of ions and small organic molecules 8. Gas-Liquid Chemistry in the Atmosphere a. Uptake and reaction of trace gases in aerosol, fog water, cloud water b. Photosensitized chemistry; particle-phase reactions 9. Surfactant Control of Reactions at the Surface of Water a. Surfactants present at aqueous environments in the atmosphere b. Effects of surfactants on gas-liquid reactivity and photochemistry 10. Chemistry of Sea Spray Aerosol in the Atmosphere a. Organic and biological molecules found at the surface of sea spray b. Reaction with atmospheric gases 11. Microfluidics as a New Direction for Gas-Liquid Chemical Measurements a. In situ imaging techniques

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