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CLIMATE CHANGE 9789381891322 M. Mohapatra ,B.K. Bandyopadhyay, L.S. Rathore Capital Publishing Company 377 TROPICAL CYCLONE ACTIVITY OVER THE NORTH INDIAN OCEAN 2016 Rs. 1695/-
Author: M. Mohapatra ,B.K. Bandyopadhyay, L.S. Rathore
Description: This book deals primarily with understanding, monitoring and prediction of Tropical Cyclones (TCs) over the North Indian Ocean (NIO. It highlights the current state of research on TCs over the NIO and recent improvements in early warning systems due to advances in observational, analytical and numerical weather prediction techniques. This book is relevant to TC forecasters and researchers, managers, policy makers, graduate and post graduate students.
Table of Content: Part I : Tropical Cyclone Impact and Early Warning System Collaborative Mechanism for Tropical Cyclone Monitoring and Prediction over North Indian Ocean* Hydro-meteorological Aspects of Tropical Cyclone Phailin in Bay of Bengal in 2013 and the Assessment of Rice Inundation due to Flooding* Spatial Verification of Rainfall Forecasts during Tropical Cyclone Phailin* Diagnostics of Upper Level Dynamics and Rainfall Asymmetry of very severe Cyclone storm MADI(2013)* The Role Of Information System in Data/Product/Warning Dissemination and Future Improvements.* Management of Post-Landfall Riverine Flooding. Part II : Climatological Aspects and Rapid Changes in Tropical Cyclones Tropical cyclone track, Structure and Intensity Change at Landfall* Very Server Cyclonic storm MADI Over Bay of Bengal,6-13 December 2013- A Diagnostic Study* Rapid Weakening of Very Severes Cyclonic Storm Lehar- A case Study* Some Characteristics of translational Speed Of Cyclonic Disturbances over North Indian Ocean in Recent Years* Life period of Cyclonic Disturbances over the north Indian Ocean During Recent Years. Part III : Cyclogenesis, Monitoring and Prediction Seasonal Forecast of Tropical Cyclogenesis over Bay of Bengal During Post-Monsoon Season* Tropical Cyclogenesis Prediction in the North Indian Ocean During 2013 Using OSCATDerived Surface Wind Observations* The Influence Of Madden-Julian Oscillation on the Bay of Bengal Tropical Cyclogenesis during the Year 2013* Relation of Frequency of tropical Cyclone over north India Ocean and North West Pacific Ocean with Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly over Nino 3.4 Region and Indian Ocean Dipole* Governing Factors Associated with Intensification of TC-ADiagnostic Study of VSCS PHAILIN and LEHAR. Part IV: NWPModelling forTropical Cyclone Forecast Numerical Simulations with WRF to study the Impact of Sea Surface Temperature on the Evolution of Tropical Cyclone over Bay of Bengal* Performance of NCMRWF Model TC Track Forecasts During 2013* Sensitivity of WRF-ARW Model to Cumulus Parameterisation Schemes in Predication of TC Intensity and Track Over the North Indian Ocean* Simulation of Tropical Cyclone Phailin using WRF Modeling System* Data Assimilation Experiments with ARW – 3DVAR for Tropical Cyclone Extreme Weather Predications over Bay of Bengal* Sensitivity Study on 2013 – Tropical Cyclones Using Different Cloud Microphysical and Planetary Boundary Layer Parameterisation Schemes in WRF Model* Standard Operation Procedure for Tropical Cyclone Vital Parameters over North Indian Ocean.

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