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ENERGY STUDIES 9789381891049 N.D.Kaushika, K.S.Reddy, Kshitij Kaushik Capital Publishing Company 180 SUSTAINABLE ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT–A CLEAN TECHNOLOGY APPROACH 2014 Rs. 1595/-
Author: N.D.Kaushika, K.S.Reddy, Kshitij Kaushik
Description: The book considers the energy-environment system in its totality and views it as an essential component of sustainable development that meets the needs of present generation without compromising on the needs of future. In fact, it is the development that is environmentally, technologically and economically sustainable. Throughout the book, special emphasis is laid on fundamental laws with the objective to blend a central core of basics with a representative selection of important new developments and advances. It covers a wide spectrum of available knowledge and lays emphasis on scientific understanding of technology involved. The explicit contents of the book include ecosystem processes & biodiversity, energy & power technologies along with associated hazards resulting from the multitude of energy environment interactions. Clean technological advances for the protection of environment, in particular energy efficiency, clean water security, clean power generation, solid waste disposal. It also goes on to present a description of current energy and power technology and focuses on the environmental degradations. The book should serve the application engineers, practicing private and government agencies and as reference material for courses at the post graduate level.
Table of Content: 1. Energy Environment Interactions 2. Energy Reserves and Resources 3. Current Energy Conversion Technologies 4. Sun-Earth System 5. Earths Physical Environment 6. The Atmosphere 7. Ecosystem Processes and Ecology 8. Biodiversity 9. Fossil Energy Related Environment Degradations 10. Ozone Depletion in the Atmosphere 11. Global Climate Change 12. Nuclear Power Hazards and Protection 13. Wild Life and Forests Degradation 14. Air Pollution Control Methods 15. Water Resource Conservation 16. Energy Efficiency 17. Pollution-free Power Generation: Technology Status 18. Solid Waste Disposal

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