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Hydropower - 1st Edition

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ENERGY STUDIES 9780128129067 Paul Breeze Elsevier 104 Hydropower - 1st Edition 2018 $ 49.95
Author: Paul Breeze
Description: Hydropower provides a complete discussion of the most up-to-date considerations of this method of creating renewable energy. After introducing the methods history, the author explores various considerations for engineers, planners and managers who need to determine the best placement and size of a plant. The book then presents various types of hydropower systems, such as Run-of-River Schemes and various types of Dam and Turbines, also considering the important economic, environmental and geological impacts of each. Those involved in the planning, design and management of hydropower systems, such as engineers, researchers, managers and policymakers will find this book a very valuable and insightful resource.
Table of Content: 1. Hydropower Resource 2. Hydropower Sites 3. Categories of hydropower Plant 4. Large Hydropower Plants: Dams and Barrages Run-of-river Scheme Dam and Reservoir Projects 5. Dam types Embankment Dam Concrete Gravity Dam Concrete Arch Dam 6. Hydropower Turbines Impulse Turbines 7. Reaction Turbines 8. Francis turbine 9. Propeller and Kaplan Turbines 10. Deriaz Turbine 11. Generators 12. Small Hydropower 13. Environmental Considerations 14. Environmental Assessment Resettlement Biodiversity Geological Effects Sedimentation and Downstream, Effects Greenhouse Gases Interregional Effects 15. Hydropower and Intermittent renewable Generation 16. Cost of Electricity Generation from Hydropower Plants

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