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BIOTECHNOLOGY 8185589593 Deepshikha P. Katare, Altaf Ahmad and Vidhu Aeri Co-Published with Anshan and sold and distributed by them in all countries except India 334 PHARMACEUTICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY 2008 Rs. 595/-
Author: Deepshikha P. Katare, Altaf Ahmad and Vidhu Aeri
Description: Pharmaceutical biotechnology is evolving as an increasingly vital tool in the field of life sciences by contributing to diagnostic medical tests, therapeutic drugs and gene therapy for hereditary diseases. Pharmaceutical biotechnology tools such as recombinant proteins and transgenic organisms have revolutionized life sciences. This book aims to explain the basics and applications of the subject to the newly inducted minds in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology. Therefore this book is presented in the form of queries to expound the concepts and elaborately uses illustrations to elucidate. The authors collectively and individually have wide teaching experience at graduate and post-graduate levels. Therefore, they are conversant with the frequent doubts in the curious minds of the young students, which they seek to resolve in this book. The authors have to their credit several published research papers in reputed national and international journals and research- presentations at various national and international conferences.
Table of Content: Unit One: GENETIC ENGINEERING * Introduction to Genetic Engineering * Basic Techniques of Genetic Engineering * Recombinant DNATechnology * Application of Genetic Engineering in Medicine Unit Two: PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY * Introduction to Plant Biotechnology * Basic Principles of Plant Tissue Culture * Types of In Vitro Cultures * Protoplast Isolation, Fusion and Its Applications * Secondary Metabolites * Transformation of Genes in Medicinal Plants Unit Three: ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY * Introduction to Animal Biotechnology * Basic Techniques of Animal Cell Culture * Immunotechnology Unit Four: MICROBIALAND INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY * Introduction to Industrial Biotechnology * Microbial Biotechnology * Enzyme Biotechnology* Bioreactors * Biopolymers and Their Applications Unit Five: EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES * Nanobiotechnology *Pharmacogenomics * DNAVaccines * Proteomics * RNAInterference * Metabolic Engineering * Gene Therapy

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