WATER Conservation, Use and Management for Semi-Arid Region

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 8185589348 R.Nagarajan Capital Publishing Company 362 WATER Conservation, Use and Management for Semi-Arid Region 2006 Rs.1695/-
Author: R.Nagarajan
Description: Human settlements in the semi-arid region often suffer from the change in monsoon rainfall. Presence of degraded Surface rainwater storage systems in these areas and meticulous design practices indicate the integrated approach followed by the civilization in conservation. The present civilization adopted the technological advances in their living style. Hence, large quantities of water are transported over long distances in meeting their demands. This has lead to physical, chemical and biological contamination, making it mandatory to ascertain its quality, prior to consumption, and utilization. The incurred loss during the transportation, distribution, storage at users place and utilization, lead to identification of new sources for supply. Assessment of present day utility and leakages and alternative ways of effective management of water resources is essential prior to economic commitment. The water availability, stress and demand scenario is introduced, prior to dealing with individual methods. The various options that are available on the surface run-off harvesting, domestic roof water harvesting, quality assessment and remediation, water use strategy and water demand management, that could be used in semi-arid region, is presented in a comprehensive way. The people dealing with utilization of water towards their academic and research pursuit, planners, socioeconomist and non-government agencies, could benefit from this book.
Table of Content: I. Introduction 2. SurfaceRun-off Harvesting 3. Domstic Roof Water Harvesting 4. Quality Assessment and Remediation 5. Water Use Strategy 6. Water Demand Management

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