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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 8185589275 AL. Ramanathan, P Bhattacharya, T. Dittmar, M. Bala Krishna Prasad, B.R. Neupane Capital Publishing Company 300 MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF COASTAL ZONE ENVIRONMENT 2010 Rs. 1595/-
Author: AL. Ramanathan, P Bhattacharya, T. Dittmar, M. Bala Krishna Prasad, B.R. Neupane
Description: Coastal Zone Management and its sustainability strategy should safeguard ecological security of the coastal areas to avoid pollution as well as exploitation of living and non-living aquatic resources, protecting the agrarian community and avian population and other floral and faunal bre-xling grounds. The coastal zone is facing increasing pressures from land use change, developmental activities, shoreline erosion, biodiversity losses and natural calamities. This book tries to cover almost all the fields of research concerning the management of the coastal environment and presents it as an integrated approach. Further, this volume addresses the issues which need immediate attention for facilitating the integrated analysis for the sustainability of coastal zones with consolidated source of information from scientists working in various aspects of coastal zone. All the articles are peer reviewed and evaluated and are an inter- and multidisciplinary source of information, making an effort to link the various views on coastal zones where millions of peoples livelihood are likely to be at risk if they are not managed with efficient scientific strategies. The contributors have tried to focus their respective views on the current problems that need urgent attention. Consequently, we see this book as a comprehensive information base, which includes work of experts in their specific fields of research.
Table of Content: Section I Evaluation, Status Prediction, Modelling and Developments of Coastal Zones: Management Issues * Observational Needs for Sustainable Coastal Prediction and Management * Ecological Modelling as a Tool for Coastal Ecosystem Management * Current Status of Coastal Zone Management Practices in India * Climate Resilient Coastal Zone Development in Bangladesh: Participatory Governance for Common Resources Management * Present Status, Challenges and Management of the Japanese Coastal Zone Environment * Integrating Hydrologic and Hydrodynamic Models for Decision Support Systems and Management of Coastal Zones and Estuaries* Creation of System

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