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Marine Composites - 1st Edition

Subject ISBN Author Publisher Number of Pages Title Year Price
Materials Science 9780081022641 Richard Pemberton, John Summerscales, Jasper Graham-Jones Woodhead Publishing 528 Marine Composites - 1st Edition 2018 $ 350.00
Author: Richard Pemberton, John Summerscales, Jasper Graham-Jones
Description: Marine Composites: Design and Performance presents up-to-date information and recent research findings on the application and use of advanced fibre-reinforced composites in the marine environment. Following the success of their previously published title: Marine Applications of Advanced Fibre-reinforced Composites which was published in 2015; this exemplary new book provides comprehensive information on materials selection, characterization, and performance. There are also dedicated sections on sandwich structures, manufacture, advanced concepts, naval architecture and design considerations, and various applications. The book will be an essential reference resource for designers, materials engineers, manufactures, marine scientists, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, coastal engineers, boat manufacturers, offshore platform and marine renewable design engineers.
Table of Content: 1: Materials selection for marine composites  2: Thermoplastic matrix composites  3: Experimental and theoretical damage assessment in advanced marine composites  4: Durability Testing and Evaluation of Marine Composites  5: Fire performance  6: Effective Use of Composite Marine Structures: Reducing Weight and Acquisition Cost  7: Core materials for marine sandwich structures  8: Infusion of large marine structures  9: Smart composite propeller for marine applications  10: Structural composite for naval constructions  11: Offshore wind turbines  12: Marine renewable energy (wave and tidal power)  13: Propulsion and propellers  14: Offloading marine hoses: computational and experimental analyses  15: Large Yacht Masts  16: Composite materials for mooring applications: Manufacturing, material characterization and design 

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