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New Trends in Coal Conversion - 1st Edition

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ENERGY STUDIES 9780081022016 Isabel Suarez-Ruiz, Fernando Rubiera, Maria Antonia Diez Woodhead Publishing 542 New Trends in Coal Conversion - 1st Edition 2018 $ 200.00
Author: Isabel Suarez-Ruiz, Fernando Rubiera, Maria Antonia Diez
Description: New Trends in Coal Conversion: Combustion, Gasification, Emissions, and Coking covers the latest advancements in coal utilization, including coal conversion processes and mitigation of environmental impacts, providing an up-to-date source of information for a cleaner and more environmentally friendly use of coal, with a particular emphasis on the two biggest users of coal—utilities and the steel industry. Coverage includes recent advances in combustion co-firing, gasification, and on the minimization of trace element and CO2 emissions that is ideal for plant engineers, researchers, and quality control engineers in electric utilities and steelmaking. Other sections cover new advances in clean coal technologies for the steel industry, technological advances in conventional by-products, the heat-recovery/non-recovering cokemaking process, and the increasing use of low-quality coals in coking blends. Readers will learn how to make more effective use of coal resources, deliver higher productivity, save energy and reduce the environmental impact of their coal utilization.
Table of Content: 1. Coal 2. Coal Combustion: New Trends and Co-firing 3. Coal Gasification: Advances 4. Emissions from Coal Combustion and Gasification: Trace Elements 5. Current Status of CO2 Capture from Coal Utilities 6. Coal Quality for the Iron and Steel Industry 7. Metallurgical Coke Production and Coal Chemicals Recovery 8. Metallurgical Coke Quality for Blast Furnace 9. Cokemaking and the Environment 10. New Perspectives: Future Coal Markets

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