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Sustainable Catalysis in Ionic Liquids

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CHEMISTRY 9781138553705 Pedro Lozano CRC 298 Sustainable Catalysis in Ionic Liquids 2018 £115.00
Author: Pedro Lozano
Description: Sustainable Catalysis in Ionic Liquids provides an up-to-date overview of the relatively underexplored area of the use of room temperature ionic liquids as organocatalysts for a range of organic reactions, including polymerizations. Using organic molecules to promote reactions is an attractive option as these organic molecules can be safer than metal-based options. However, it is still important to be able to recycle and reuse these organic promoters. Ionic liquids provide this opportunity.
Table of Content: Section i Ionic Liquids in Organic Catalysis Chapter 1 Task-Specific Ionic Liquids Ahmed Ali Hullio Chapter 2 Ionic Liquid-Supported Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Organic Synthesis Allan D. Headley Chapter 3 Organocatalysis Induced by the Anion of an Ionic Liquid: A New Strategy for Asymmetric Ion-Pair Catalysis Andreea R. Schmitzer Chapter 4 Imidazolium Hydroxides and Catalysis Cameron C. Weber Chapter 5 Organocatalysis of SN2 Reactions by Multifunctional Promotors: Ionic Liquids and Derivatives Sungyul Lee and Dong Wook Kim Chapter 6 Sustainable Organic Synthesis Using Ionic Liquids Toshiyuki Itoh and Toshiki Nokami Section ii Ionic Liquids in Biocatalysis and Biomass Processing Chapter 7 Biotransformations in Deep Eutectic Solvents Vicente Gotor-Fernández and Caroline Emilie Paul Chapter 8 Ionic Liquids in Sustainable Carbohydrate Catalysis Pilar Hoyos, Cecilia García-Oliva, and María J. Hernáiz Chapter 9 Sponge-Like Ionic Liquids for Clean Biocatalytic Processes Susana Nieto-Cerón, Elena Álvarez-González, Juana M. Bernal, Antonio Donaire, and Pedro Lozano Chapter 10 Ionic Liquids for Biomass Processing Wei-Chien Tu and Jason P. Hallett Chapter 11 Membrane Technology for Catalytic Processes in Ionic Liquids J. Romero, R. Cabezas, C. Araya, and G. Merlet

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