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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 8185589615 Dr. M. Thangarajan Capital Publishing Company 396 GROUNDWATER FLOW AND MASS TRANSPORT MODELING Theory and Applications 2007 Rs. 1895/-
Author: Dr. M. Thangarajan
Description: The over-exploitation of groundwater resources has resulted in long-term continuous decline of water level in many parts of India and elsewhere for the last many decades. This has resulted in the deterioration of water quality and the widespread drying-up of wells in monsoon climatic regions due to failure of the monsoon. It is thus imperative that effective manegement of groundwater resources is essential and it requires, firstly, a good understanding of the aquifer system, secondly, that practical measures to control abstraction can be identified and, thirdly augment groundwater resources through artificial recharge. It is therefore essential to quantify the response of the acquifer under study to different input-output stresses. Groundwater modeling study has proved to be a potential tool to study the aquifer response and thereby to evolve appropriate management schemes. The present book is the improved version of the earlier book on regional groundwater modeling by incorporating both the basic theory (acquifer and its characteristics, mathematical formulation, solution techniques, data requirements, model conceptualization, model construction and calibration procedures and . sensitivity analysis) and model application to assess the groundwater potential and pollution potential. This book is written under the utilization of retired scientist scheme of Department of Science &Technology, Govt of India, New Delhi.
Table of Content: Introduction to Modeling and Review of Groundwater Basics * Mathematical Formulation of Groundwater Flow and Mass Transport (Review) * Recapping Modeling Technology * Data Requirements and Conceptual Model Design * Model Design and Execution * Model Calibration Process and Prediction Issues * Modeling Groundwater Flow System : Case Studies * Mass Transport Modeling : Case Studies * Modeling Fracture Flow System * Model Applications * Groundwater Contamination, Restoration and Management

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