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Tropical Extremes 1st Edition: Natural Variability and Trends

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Earth and Planetary Sciences 9780128092484 Venugopal Vuruputur, Jai Sukhatme, Raghu Murtugudde, Rémy Roca Elsevier 364 Tropical Extremes 1st Edition: Natural Variability and Trends 2018 $ 130.00
Author: Venugopal Vuruputur, Jai Sukhatme, Raghu Murtugudde, Rémy Roca
Description: Tropical Extremes: Natural Variability and Trends features the most up-to-date information on present and future trends related to climate change and tropical extremes. Including contributions from the foremost experts in the field, this important reference addresses the science behind climate change and natural variability in relation to tropical extremes. The book also includes practical insight into modeling and observation approaches. In a warming world, the increase of weather extremes presents a scientifically complex and societally relevant challenge. The book confronts these challenges with observational evidence, modeling studies and expected impacts. This is an essential reference for researchers, modelers and students in the fields of climate and atmospheric science looking to better understand the causes and effects of tropical extremes and natural variability.
Table of Content: Introduction Venu Vuruptur, Jai Sukhatme, Raghu Murtugudde and Remy Roca 1. An Atlas of Tropical Extremes Brian Christopher Matilla and Brian Mapes 2. South Asian Monsoon Extremes B. N. Goswami and Venu Vuruptur 3. Overview of Climate Models and Tropical Extremes Richard Allan 4. Hotspots of relative sea level rise in the Tropics Melanie Becker, Mikhail Karpytchev and Fabrice Papa 5. South American Monsoon and its Extremes Alice Marlene Grimm 6. Investigating Tropical Extremes Impacts on Public Health and Food Security: Case Studies from South America and West Africa Ivan J. Ramirez 7. Extreme Rain Evolution in West Africa Theo Vischel 8. Extreme El Niño events Boris Dewitte and Ken Takahashi 9. Tropics as Tempest Bjorn Stevens

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