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The Foundations of Vacuum Coating Technology - 2nd Edition

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Materials Science 9780128130841 Donald M. Mattox Elsevier 378 The Foundations of Vacuum Coating Technology - 2nd Edition 2018 $ 150.00
Author: Donald M. Mattox
Description: The Foundations of Vacuum Coating Technology, Second Edition, is a revised and expanded version of the first edition, which was published in 2003. The book reviews the histories of the various vacuum coating technologies and expands on the history of the enabling technologies of vacuum technology, plasma technology, power supplies, and low-pressure plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. The melding of these technologies has resulted in new processes and products that have greatly expanded the application of vacuum coatings for use in our everyday lives. The book is unique in that it makes extensive reference to the patent literature (mostly US) and how it relates to the history of vacuum coating. The book includes a Historical Timeline of Vacuum Coating Technology and a Historical Timeline of Vacuum/Plasma Technology, as well as a Glossary of Terms used in the vacuum coating and surface engineering industries.
Table of Content: 1. About This Book 2. Vacuum Technology 3. Plasmas and Plasma Enhanced CVD (PECVD) 4. Physical Sputtering and Sputter Deposition 5. Thermal Evaporation and Deposition in Vacuum 6. Cathodic Arc Vaporization and Cathodic Arc Vapor Deposition 7. Ion Plating 8. Condensation, Nucleation, Interface Formation, and Film Growth Appendix 1. Historical Timelines 2. Glossary of Terms and acronyms

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