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Single Crystals of Electronic Materials

Subject ISBN Author Publisher Number of Pages Title Year Price
Materials Science 9780081020968 Roberto Fornari Woodhead Publishing 594 Single Crystals of Electronic Materials 2018 $ 235.00
Author: Roberto Fornari
Description: Single Crystals of Electronic Materials: Growth and Properties is a complete overview of the state-of-the-art growth of bulk semiconductors. It is not only a valuable update on the body of information on crystal growth of well-established electronic materials, such as silicon, III-V, II-VI and IV-VI semiconductors, but also includes chapters on novel semiconductors, such as wide bandgap oxides like ZnO, Ga2, O3, In2, O3, Al2, O3, nitrides (AIN and GaN), and diamond. Each chapter focuses on a specific material, providing a comprehensive overview that includes applications and requirements, thermodynamic properties, schematics of growth methods, and more.
Table of Content: 1. Introduction 2. Electronic Silicon 3. Solar Silicon 4. Germanium 5. Silicon Carbide 6. III-Arsenides 7. III-Phosphides 8. III-Antiomides 9. CdTe and CdZnTe 10. II-sulphides and II-selenides 11. Diamond 12. GaN 13. AIN 14. ZnO 15. Al2O3 16. Ga2O3 17. In2O3 18. SnO2

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