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GEOLOGY AND EARTH SCIENCE 8185589178 Dr. R.K Tiwari Capital Publishing Company 330 GEOSPECTROSCOPY 2005 Rs.1895/-
Author: Dr. R.K Tiwari
Description: The Planet earth has undergone major phases of evolution and deformation during the past geological history. Modern geological and geophysical data indicate that the earth was exposed to chaotic, catastrophic and cyclic rhythms rendering a very complex pattern of evolutionary processes on time scale ranging from years to several million years. The subject
Table of Content: Introduction Statistical and Spectral Background Earths Astronomical Environment Long-term Cycles in Geo-tectonics and Solid Earth Processes Long-term Sea Level, Climate and Bio-Geo-Chemical Cycles Mass Extinction Cycle, Correlations and Forcing Mechanisms Orbital Cycles and the Earths Processes Solar and Tidal Cycles in the Coupled Earth-Ocean-Atmospheric Process El Nino-Southern (ENSO) Oscillation Summary and Conclusions

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