GEOMAGNETISM Solid Earth and Upper Atmosphere Perspectives

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GEOLOGY AND EARTH SCIENCE 8185589186 Dr. Nathani Basavaiah Capital Publishing Company 504 GEOMAGNETISM Solid Earth and Upper Atmosphere Perspectives 2011 Rs. 1795/-
Author: Dr. Nathani Basavaiah
Description: This book on geomagnetic perspectives of solid Earth and upper atmosphere presents various aspects of the Earth magnetic field. Beginning with a treatise on the historical development of geomagnetism, topics covered in this book include the most recent advances in geophysical research on acquisition, reduction and analyses of data from geomagnetic observatory network, geophysical surveying and laboratory experiments. The state-of-art geophysical techniques of gravity and magnetic field anomalies from ground, aeromagnetic and setellite data; EM induction of geomagnetic depth sounding, magnetotellurics and ocean-bottom magnetometry; global positioning system; tectonomagnetism and palaeoseismology in earthquake precursory used to probe the Earth interior are lucidly explained. Descriptions on the basic relationships between the Sun-Earth and space-weather using satellites, rockets and modern experimental results, besides application of palaeo, rock, and environmental magnetic laboratory measurements for mapping plate movements towards understanding the Earth history and Earth processes, make this book a truly enlightening experience to the readers.
Table of Content: * The Historical Development of (Geo)Magnetism * Internal Magnetic Field * Magnetic Field that Extends into Space * Technique of Magnetic Measurements * Magnetic Observatories and Data Analysis * Solid Earth Geomagnetism *Experimental Geomagnetism *Upper Atmosphere Studies * Usefulness of Geomagnetic Research *Perspective

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