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GEOLOGY AND EARTH SCIENCE 8185589755 Dr. D.D. Sarma Capital Publishing Company 224 GEOSTATISTICS WITH APPLICATIONS IN EARTH SCIENCES 2nd Edition 2009 Rs.1095/-
Author: Dr. D.D. Sarma
Description: This book has been designed to serve as a textbook for post-graduate students and research workers in earth sciences who require a background of and a feel for statistics and the theory of regionalised variables. This new edition has been completely revised to reflect the notable developments in geostatistics : concept and technique-wise. Chapter I has been expanded and incorporates more details on sampling and sampling designs. Chapters 2 and 5 have been extensively revised and a new chapter
Table of Content: Statistical Methods in Earth Sciences `Introduction - Sampling, Data Collection and Sample Design: Sample Design and the Various Steps; Criteria for Selecting; Drawing a Sample; Characteristics of a Good Sample Design; Different Types of Sample Design; Analysis Aspects * Hypothesis * Quantification an Prediction in Earth Sciences `The Concept of Random Variable `Probability Frequency Function, Joint Frequency Function, Continuous Frequency Function and Joint Continuous Frequency Function ` Review Questions Univariate Statistical Methods, Frequency Analysis and Simulation ` Univariate Statistics Methods Frequency Analysis ` Graphical Representation of Frequency Distribution Arithmetic Representatio of Empirical Distributions - Measure of Central Location ; Measures of Dispersion ; Skewness and Kurtosi. ` Correlation and Regression - Correlation Coefficient ` Regression ` Simulation - Introduction ; Advantage of Simulation ; Limitations of Simulation Techniques ; Generation of Random Numbers; Monte- Carlo Simulation ` Some Applications of Simulation - Applications to Inventory Control ; Applications to Golc. Mineralisation ` Review Questions

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