MODELLING AND GEOCHEMICALEXPLORATION OF MINERAL DEPOSITS ATreatise on Exploration of Concealed Land and Offshore Deposits

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GEOLOGY AND EARTH SCIENCE 8185589437 Dr. Ashoke K. Talapatra Capital Publishing Company 184 MODELLING AND GEOCHEMICALEXPLORATION OF MINERAL DEPOSITS ATreatise on Exploration of Concealed Land and Offshore Deposits 2006 Rs.1295/-
Author: Dr. Ashoke K. Talapatra
Description: Potential mineral belts in global perspective in different geotectonic frame have been discussed in the book to suggest new mineral belts for modelling and geochemical exploration. Under such conditions, be it for land deposit or offshore deposit, application of statistical methods with qualitative and, wherever possible, quantitative earth science data for evaluation of mineral resources has become common in recent times. Computer-based mineral deposit modelling is the best suitable way out for predicting concealed mineralisation. Computerized approaches adopted for this has been discussed with Indian examples. However, the main objective of modelling is to delineate the body geometry of the deposit in three dimensions. The authors endeavour here is to compile the different conventional and non-conventional techniques of exploration geochemistry, giving more emphasis to concealed mineral deposits. This book is written in a manner to serve as guide to field geologists, geochemists, students, research scholars and scientists interested in earth science for exploration of mineral deposits and for evaluation of their resources.
Table of Content: *Modelling with Earth Science Data * Introduction * What is Modelling? * Some Basic Concepts * Models for Different Types of Deposit * Introduction * Methodology of Modelling of Land Deposits * Modelling of Offshore Deposits * Geochemical Exploration of Mineral Deposits * Introduction * LandscapeGeochemistry * Weathering and Related Landscape * Different Types of Geochemical Explorations * Introduction * Methodology * Conventional Techniques of Geochemical Exploration * Statistical Analysis and Interpretation of Geochemical Data * Non-conventional Techniques for Cocealed Deposits * Introduction * Application of Vapour Geochemistry * Field Electrochemical Technique * Radiogenic Isotopes and Stable Isotopes in Exploration Geochemistry * Standard Analytical Methods for Geo-Samples * Introduction * Semi-Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Geo-samples * Suggestions for Future Work

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