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GEOLOGY AND EARTH SCIENCE 8185589585 V. Sharma, M.S. Srinivasan Capital Publishing Company 172 GEOLOGY OF ANDAMAN-NICOBAR: THE NEOGENE 2007 Rs. 1395/-
Author: V. Sharma, M.S. Srinivasan
Description: This book synthesizes research conducted by the authors and their coworkers on the Neogene of Andaman-Nicobar for well over four decades. The sequences on Andaman-Niccbar Islands are important because of their strategic position in the northern Indian Ocean, an area where few other good Neogene marine sequences exist except for DSDPand ODPsections. The main objective, of this book is to put together all the data in one volume in order to gear researchers, graduate and postdoctoral students to use these fundamental data for better understanding the evolution of this active tectonic belt and to explore hydrocarbon possibilities in this region. It comprises, besides an introductory part, a detailed account on the Neogene lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy and chronostratigraphy. It is supplemented by a large number of outcrop profiles and tables summarizing the large volume of data. The book also includes a chapter on the Neogene environment dealing with changing paleobathymetric trends concomitant with vigorous seafloor tectonism in the Andaman sea region.Stratigraphers and micropaleontologists in industry, academia and research laboratories as well as students will find the book an invaluable aid during exploration in this region.
Table of Content: Preface * Introduction * Distribution of Neogene Rocks in India * Neogene Sequences of Andaman-Nicobar: Their Significance * Andaman-Nicobar Islands: Geological Setting and Earlier Works * Introduction * Outline of Geological Setting of Andaman-Nicobar * Stratigraphic Succession * Stratigraphic Classification: Authors Concept * Economic Aspects * Hydrocarbon Potential * The Neogene: Lithologic Succession * Lithostratigraphic Classification: Earlier Works * Lithostratigraphic Classification: Recent Developments * Lithostratigraphic Classification: Adopted Herein * Biostratigraphic Classification * Introduction * Planktic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy: Earlier Works * Neogene Planktic Foraminiferal Zones of Andaman-Nicobar * Biostratigraphic Studies Based on Other Microfossils * Chronostratigraphic Divisions * Earlier Chronostratigraphic Works * Neogene Chronostratigraphy of Andaman-Nicobar A. Archipelago Series * B. Nicobar Series * Neogene Environment Paleobathymetry

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