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GEOLOGY AND EARTH SCIENCE 8185589798 Dr. B.K. Chakrabarti Capital Publishing Company 184 PRECAMBRIAN GEOLOGY OF THE HIMALAYA Structure and Metamorphism 2009 Rs. 1595/-
Author: Dr. B.K. Chakrabarti
Description: Evidence of Precambrian deformation (and associated regional metamorphism) is better preserved in the Lesser Himalayan zone where the Tertiary Himalayan events left much less modifying effects compared to the Central Himalayan Crystallines. The striking absence of Tertiary .igneous activity in the Lesser Himalayan zone perhaps indicates that this belt (now commonly occurring as disconnected
Table of Content: Lithotectonic Zones of the Himalaya * I-esser Himalayan Zone * M(Tand HHC Zones * Description of Geological Sections across LI-iS, MICTatul HIIC * Pakistan Himalaya-Naran-NangaParbat-Haramosh Section ; Swat-Hazara-Mansehra-Besam Section * Zanskar Himalaya- KishtwarWindow Section * Simla Himalaya - Simla- Chaur(Chor)-Rampur-Karcham-Kalpa Section * Garhwal Himalaya - Bhabirathi Valley ; Alaknanda-Dhauli Valleys * Nepal Himalaya-Annapurna Sector : Kali Gandaki and Modi Khola Sections ; Marsyandi-Dorandi-Burhi Gandaki-Manaslu Sector ; Trisuli- Langtang Section ; Kathmandu-Sheopuri-Gosainkund Section ; Eastern Nepal : Everest-Makalu and the south-ern terrain covering the Okhaldunga, Arun and the Tamur windows * Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya * Bhutan and Arunachal Himalaya * H-T L-PAssemblages in the Top Levels of the Central Crystallines * Simla Himalaya : A Model Picture of Precambrian Tectonostratigraphy * Picture of Deformation and Metamorphism in the Simla Himalaya * Geological Background of Rampur and Nearby Areas * Evidence of Overthrusting of the Jutoghs * Age of Regional Metamorphism * Picture of Inverted Metamorphic Grades in the Lesser Himalayan Belt * Model Geological Picture of the Simla Himalaya * Evidence of Precambrian Deformation and Metamorphism * The Prograde sequences in the Himalaya - The Metasedimentaries and the Granite-migmatite-gneiss Bodies and Bands ; Deformation and Chemical Growth Pattern in Syntecmmic Garnet ; Quartz Fabric and Mylonite Zone ; Structural State of Carbonaceous Material in the Jutogh-Chail Contact Zone and at the Base of the Chails ; Structural State of Muscovite in the Prograde sequence ; LMineral Lineation and the Syntectonic Regional Metamorphism * Large scale Deformation in the Precambrian Sequences * Precambrian Structural and Metamorphic Design of the Himalaya * Observation on Metamorphism * Observation on Tectonostratigraphy * Observation on Megastructure and Regional Metamorphism * References * Index

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