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BOTANY 8185589143 Altaf Ahmad, T.O. Siddiqi and Muhammad lqbal Capital Publishing Company 350 MEDICINAL PLANTS IN CHANGING ENVIRONMENT 2011 Rs. 1695/-
Author: Altaf Ahmad, T.O. Siddiqi and Muhammad lqbal
Description: Like all living members of the biosphere, medicinal plants are being influenced by the fast-changing environmental conditions all over the globe. Environmental pollutants are causing noticeable effects on growth, survival and distribution of vegetation, including the wild populations of medicinal plants. Changes in the performance of medicinal plants under environmental influences have been documented sufficiently well. However, properties of medicinal plants do not seem to have been evaluated in relation to environmental changes as intensively and extensively as to satisfy a variety of relevant queries and doubts. The book consists of 17 chapters, covering a wide spectrum of approaches being used to study the performance of medicinal plants in the present environmental scenario.
Table of Content: 1. Characterization of controversial plant drugs and effect of changing environment on active ingredients 2. Nonetransgenic molecular approaches for improving Cymbopog-on species for aromatic and medicinal uses 3. Influence of trace elements pollution on medicinal chemistry and physiology of lichens 4. Secondary metabolite production of medicinal and aromatic plants as influenced by nutrients and heavy metals 5. Turkish Mediterranean medicinal plants in the face of climate change 6. Genetic capacity of some medicinal plants to accumulate heavy metals 7. Environmental stress enhances the level of secondary metabolites in medicinal plants 8. Lead and salinity stress in plants with special reference to Artemisia amnia and Cassia angustifidia 9. Conservation and reproductive biology of Aconitum heterophyllum and Podophyllum hexandrum 10. Conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants of northeast India 11. Relevance of biotechnological tools for conservation of plant resources 12. Taxonomy, ecology and distribution of medicinally important herbaceous species of Phyllanthus in India 13. Authentication of medicinal plants: Phyllanthus amarus 14. Techniques for seed germination and cultivation of some desert medicinal plants 15. Phytochemistry and pharmacology of some medicinal plants 16. Medicinal plants as potential source of biopesticides 17. Allelopathic effect of medicinal herbs on rice growing environment

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