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MATERIALS SCIENCE 8185589410 Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh Capital Publishing Company 594 ADVANCED X-RAY TECHNIQUES IN RESEARCH AND INDUSTRY 2006 Rs.2895/-
Author: Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh
Description: The book is a collection of papers presented at aseminar on Advanced X-ray Techniques in Research and Industry. It consists of several invited review articles covering basic crystallography, local texture measurements with high energy synchrotron radiation, evolution of textures, texture mapping by scanning X-ray diffraction, absorption tomography for three dimensional measurements in bulk materials, ultra thin films, specular X-ray reflectivity, small angle X-ray scattering, glancing incidence X-ray diffraction and X-ray line profile analysis. Alarge number of chapters cover application of Rietvelu refinement technique for different materials. The application of high temperature X-ray diffraction to different materials has also been discussed. Apart from this,the application of X-ray diffraction techniques to characterize the materials has been dealt indifferent areas such as magnetic materials, nano materials, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, biomaterials, forensic application of textile fabrics, sensors, steels and surface modifications. It also covers the geometrical aspects of X-ray diffractometer and related applications.
Table of Content: Crystal Geometry and Symmetry 2. Local Texture Measurements with High-Energy Synchrotron Radiation 3. Texture Mapping by Scanning X-ray Diffraction and Related Methods 4. Deformation Bands in Texture Formation in Cold and Warm Rolling Interstitial-Free Steel 5. Texture Determination of Ziracaloy Using X-ray and EBSD Diffraction Texture Analysis Using General Area Diffraction Detector System 6. Determination of Preferred Orientation Factors of Zirconium Alloy Components Using XRD Patterns 7. Characterization of Microstructure, Texture and Residual Stress of PHWR Fuel Clad Material Using X-ray Diffraction 8. Effect of Iridium Buffer Layer on YNI,B,C Thin Film Growth 9. X-ray Diffraction and Absorption Tomography for Three Dimensional Measurements in Bulk Material 10. Structural Characterization of Ultra Thin Films Using X- ray Reflectivity Technique 11. Recent Progress in Instrumentation, Evaluation Techniques and Applications of Small-Angle X-ray Scattering 12.Powder and Glancing Incidence X- ray Diffraction Techniques: Some Application in Research and Industryl 3. Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Activities at Trombay 14. Role of Combined SANS and SAXS Studies in Micellar Solutions 15. Bulk Amorphous and Hybrid Nanocomposite Alloys of Novel High-Energy-Density Magnetic Properties and Applications 16. Microstructure Parameters from X-ray Line Profile Analysis 17.Diffraction Effects on Antiphase Boundaries in Ordered Structure: An Overview 18. X-ray Diffraction Line Profile Analysis on the Microstructure of Cold-Worked NI,A,: Effect of Boron Addition 19. Structural Characterization of Catalytic Materials by Powder X-ray Diffraction 20. Crystal Structure Refinement of Ni,Mg,.Fe;0„ 21. XRD Rietveld Analysis Studies of the Annealing Behaviour of the Superconducting Ferromagnetic Compound GdSr,RuCu,O, Refinement of o. Phase in Binary Ti,A1 Base Alloys 22. Cristobalite Formation of an Indian Kaolinite Investigated by Rierveld Technique 23. ANew Dimension to Xray Powder Diffraction with in-situ High Temperature Measurement 24.Thermal Expansion Studies on Selected Polycrystalline Materials by High Temperature X-ray Powder Diffractometry Investigation of High Alumina Cement Forming Phases by High Temperature XRD Application of X-ray Diffraction in Aluminium Industry Application of X-ray Technique to Surface Modification: Case Studies Industrial Application of X-ray Diffraction in Determining Residual Stress X-ray Diffraction and Transmission Electron Microscopic Investigations of Amorphous to Icosaliedral Phase Transformation in Al-Cu-(V, Ti) Alloying Indexing of Quasicrystalline Diffraction Patterns Milling of Oxide Blends-A Possible Clue to the Mechanism of Mechanical Alloys X- ray Characterisation and Electrical Conductivity of Co-Cd Mixed Ferrite * Study of Order-Disorder in Electrodeposited Ni-Mn Alloy by X-ray Diffraction Characterization of Phases in Diffusion Aluminide Coatings and Laser Surface Alloyed Layers by Using Conventional X-ray Diffraction Methods Diffraction Characterization of Mechanically Milled SmCoFe Nano Magnetic Powders by Rierveld Refinement X-ray Characterization of a Biocornpatibility Material from Natural Sources Forensic Examination of Some Textile Fabrics Using XRD and XRF-A Preliminary Study * Microstructure and Optical Properties in Mesoporous Eu*:Al i0,o6 New Series of Optical Sensors Synthesis and Microstructure of Half-metallic Cr0,-PVAComposite Films as New Granular GMR Materials Importance of Optimizing X-ray BeamOptics for High-Quality Data Acquisition Using Conventional X-ray Diffraction Techniques Powder Diffraction Geometry: Application Aspects Index

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